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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita sharing her sorrow with Mani. She asks him to have food and goes. He says I should give some time to Ishu, her life is still stuck at that point. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman what happened to his hand. He talks to Pihu about her show. She starts saying. Shagun says she will miss her school bus if she continues saying about show. Pihu asks for Shagun’s wedding album. Shagun asks why. Pihu says I want to show it to my friend, then she will be sure you and Papa are married, why did you not show me album till now. Shagun says I spoke to principal, did your friend saying anything.

Pihu insists and says I want to see your clothes and jewelry. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to get old album, Raman looks so young in it. Pihu sees the album and says Shagun looks so pretty. She sees her pic in it. Adi thinks its Ruhi’s pic. Pihu says year is different, I was born 7 years ago. Adi says its me in pic, camera date settings was wrong. Pihu asks Raman is that me. Raman says I think your school bus came. Shagun sends Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla thinks they managed Pihu today, what will happen when Pihu knows Raman and Shagun are not married.

Mani asks for whom did Ishita make so much south Indian food. She says I m celebrating as you are on your feet again. He thanks her and sits to eat. He likes the food. She asks him to praise her, and what will she get. Aaliya comes and looks on. Mani says I will kiss chef’s hand and holds Ishita’s hand. She says Mani and takes her hand away. She says you joke a lot and smiles. She asks him to have food and leaves. Aaliya says so Amma did not pay heed to your dialogue. He says she felt it awkward. She asks him to break this wall, they both are alone. He says you don’t understand. She says don’t be loser, lets plan something, spend the day with Amma, then candle light dinner, express your feelings, don’t be scared, promise me you will confess feelings. He says I don’t think she will agree. She says no, promise me. He says fine, I promise. She says leave all arrangements on me. He thanks her and asks her to have food. She says yes, I m hungry and sits to have food. He thinks he is taking friendship ahead, but if Ishita refuses and this affects friendship then… I have to try.

Raman comes out of flat and gets black paint on his shirt by mistake of the man. Raman scolds him. Amma comes and argues with Raman. She says I took permission from society, I don’t need to ask you. He tells about Mihika stating with Romi without marriage. She says I know my daughter Mihika, and even Ishita, you are pointing on Mihika now, what about Shagun staying here in this house without marrying you. Mrs. Bhalla hears them and comes to argue with Amma. Raman murmurs why do they don’t leave society. Mrs. Bhalla thinks I was afraid that there will be questions on Shagun and Raman’s marriage.

Raman gets angry on Shagun, while she tries to help. He says everyone has habit to interfere in other’s life. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Shagun and says Amma spoiled Raman’s mood. Aaliya makes dinner arrangements on calls. Ruhaan hears her. He asks whats happening Aaliya, you are on call since you came here.

Aaliya says I m really happy, my Appa is going to propose my Amma today, so preparing for that. Ruhaan asks what do you mean. Aaliya says they are not married yet, I m sure she will say yes. Nancy gets medicines. Ruhaan reacts angrily. He asks Aaliya to go home and prepare decorations. Aaliya says sorry and leaves.

Ruhaan/Ruhi says people are staring new life, its so easy for them, whats why they are step parents, I hate Ishita, I m not related to you and Raman. Ruhaan cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………

Amma apologizes to Shagun and says I should have not said wrong about you, Raman was saying bad and it was necessary to answer him. Shagun says its okay, I know. Amma says you are like my Ishu, there are no bad feelings for you, I m seeing how much you are sacrificing for Pihu and this family, don’t you think you should get respect. Shagun says I m doing this for Ishita, even she did not ask for anything. Amma says you are staying with Raman for Pihu, do you think this fake relation will be hidden, you should get respect. Adi hears this and says what does this mean, Papa and mumma are marrying, how can this happen, Papa still loves Ishi Maa.

Mihir asks Raman why is he lost. Raman says I want to give respect to Shagun which she deserves. Mihir asks what are you saying. Raman says Shagun is staying with me in my house since 7 years, I did not think, today when Amma, I mean Mrs. Iyer said, I feel others think the same, I don’t have place for love in my life, but I can’t ruin Shagun’s life, I think I should marry her. Mihir says if you think so, go ahead.

Adi talks to Shravan. Shravan shows Bala’s pic and tells about his team. Adi talks about Raman and Shagun. Shravan asks him to ask Raman, he may shout, but talk directly.

Ishita comes home and calls out Aaliya and Mani. She goes to room and sees candles and decorations. She asks whats this Mani, wow what a decoration, whose birthday is it. He says its special occasion for special lady. She says for Aaliya, she got her assignment, but you are walking, this is special reason too. He asks her to sit. She asks will you do rehearsals on me. He says you are the special lady, I want to say something, which I could not say till now, I want to say what I feel for you. He says you always stood with me in all my sorrow, pain and struggle, I want you to be with me in my happiness, walk with me. He gives his hand and says I want you to be my life partner. She gets shocked.

Ishita and Mani hold hands. He thanks her. Raman sees Romi’s pic and gets angry for bribing people and winning business wrong way.

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