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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Chand fixing the bomb. Shagun is at police station to support a woman. She sees Chand’s wife there, who wants to file her complaint. Shagun asks inspector to take her complaint. The inspector says she is misguiding us. Shagun says I work for Ngo and talks to the woman. The woman says about her husband wishing to harm Ashok Khanna, he is big businessman. Abhishek comes and says I have spoke to Ashok, he and his brother are safe, we will find your husband. Shagun says tell me everything, I know Ashok well, maybe I can help you. Abhishek tells her everything.

Shagun says Ashok, Suraj and I are good, then whom will Chand damage, and asks his wife. The woman suggests Chand claims I dropped my son, Ashok may also eliminate the one he loves. Shagun claims son… and thinks. She says if he utilised to operate with Adi a long time back, is he referring to Adi, Ashok and Adi were being incredibly near, was he declaring about Aditya Bhalla, Chand Mishra utilized to operate with Ashok, when Adi And that i accustomed to Dwell with Ashok, Chand is stating about Adi, just notify Bhalla loved ones, they left for Mata Rani Darshan, clear of Delhi.

Raman doesn’t get network. Chand asks them to return quickly. Raman asks Everybody to come and sit within the bus. The ladies sit while in the bus. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to receive water and chips. Chand sees the Gentlemen exterior and sees Adi and girls in the vehicle. Abhishek tries contacting Raman and suggests its out of selection. Shagun states we could monitor Chand’s cell phone and obtain locale. Abhishek asks his team to track Chand’s phone.


Chand sees Adi and recalls Ashok’s words. He says all the men are outside, ladies and kids are inside the bus, they all will die. He starts the bus and races. The bomb timer starts. Everyone ask Chand about starting the bus. Raman, Mr. Bhalla and Romi see bus leaving and run after it. Chand races and gets very ahead. Mrs. Bhalla says stop the bus, gents did not get. Simmi and Ishita ask him to stop. Chand pushes them and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him. Chand says I can’t stop the bus, I planted bomb in this. They all get shocked. Chand says if bus speed falls below 60, bomb will explode, you all will die. They all go back and sit.

Raman asks Romi to e-book Pammi, she booked this bus. Romi says there isn’t a community. A person arrives there and stops his vehicle. Raman asks Romi to take a seat speedy and takes that car or truck. Abhishek receives area and asks Shagun to stay here. Shagun suggests Adi is my son, I need to come back. Abhishek states I understand, its not Risk-free. Ishita asks Chand why is he doing so, Young children are terrified, whats his enmity with them. Chand asks her to go, else He’ll end the bus. Ishita cries and asks why did he do this. Chand states his son died, he will destroy Adi, then Ashok Khanna will know the discomfort. Ishita is stunned. Raman and Romi are on the best way. Abhishek and his staff members also check out locating the bus. Shagun calls Raman and Romi requires the call. Shagun asks him to provide mobile phone to Raman, its urgent. Romi states he can’t talk. She suggests placed on speaker. She tells Raman about the motive force, Chand wants to get rid of Adi.

Raman asks why. Shagun suggests he feels he will kill Adi to acquire revenge from Ashok. The community goes. Ishita suggests Ashok Khanna just isn’t connected to us, inform me the best way to diffuse the bomb. Chand claims don’t lie, I’ve found Ashok loves Adi a whole lot, I realize this. Ishita suggests that was only to present, Adi is my and Raman’s kid. Chand claims I lost my son by Ashok’s lie, don’t deceive me, Ishita phone calls Raman and tells him this guy wants to acquire revenge from Adi, this gentleman is mad.

Raman talks to Chand, and claims I m Raman Bhalla, Adi is my son, Ashok lied to you, my relatives is there within the bus. Chand states no use now. Raman says Ashok did that with you. Chand says bomb commenced, just 15mins remaining now. If bus stops in advance of that, even then bomb will explode. All of them cry. Chand laughs. Appa receives stunned seeing the breaking news of Chand Mishra hijacking Bhalla family bus. He asks Amma and Mihika to return quickly and find out this news. They get shocked far too.


Raman and Romi see the bus racing and observe it. Ishita pacifies Adi and Ruhi. Raman asks Romi to call Ishita and inform her that they have got come. Romi tells Ishita that they are near the bus, and Raman asks her to come back in the direction of the again aspect on the bus. Ishita tells All people to go away by crisis exit. Romi drives and Raman tries rescuing the family. Ishita opens the emergency exit. Ishita tries sending Neelu first. Chand sees this and races, Neelu can’t get off through the bus. Chand drives around looking at Raman. Raman asks Chand to hear him. They see the way block. Raman asks Romi to perform something. Chand claims you all die now and jumps with the bus. Ishita panics.

Ishita and everyone see the speed falling and panic. Ishita takes the driver’s seat to manage.


Written Update By Sahir


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