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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhishek getting the right culprit to police station. Abhishek talks to inspector and starts leaving. He gets shocked seeing Raman and Ishita. He asks Ishita ji are you alive. Raman says I lost my daughter because of you two, I m not related to you two. Ishita goes after Abhishek. Inspector tells Raman that Abhishek caught the real culprit, you can take your son. Raman thanks him. Ishita asks Abhishek to listen. He asks her to leave. She asks are you drunk on duty. He says I left police force 7 years ago, no one knows me here, I resigned after that incident, I could not do my duty, I could not save you and Ruhi, you committed suicide. She says I m sorry, I don’t know why I m alive. He says I should have died that day. Raman says I regret….. and walks to them….

Raman says you both should have died, the thing you did was too bad, Ruhi died because of you two, if you say a word, I will not leave you, we were mourning for Ishita’s death, I felt I m responsible for her death, Ishita can’t be called a stepmum, but the children gave mother’s place to her, I won’t hear Ishita’s story, don’t tell anything, I don’t have any guilt. He scolds them.

Adi comes there. Ishita cries seeing him. Adi says Ishi Maa and goes to her. Raman stops Adi….. Raman says this woman is not your Ishi Maa, she does not deserve to be called a mother, sit in car Adi. Adi cries and leaves with Raman. Ishita cries.

Amma comes there and slaps Ishita. She says you ruined my upbringing, and cries. She says I came to meet Adi, whatever Raman said is true, I don’t want to stay here, come Bala and Mihika. They leave. Ishita cries. Mani consoles her. Ishita says I said I won’t come back here, I know no one will be happy, I knew it, see what happened, I ruined everything again.

Raman sits in his room and drinks. Simmi gets food for him. she asks are you fine. Raman asks about Adi. She says Adi slept. He asks is Pihu fine. She says yes. He asks about mummy. She says Papa gave her pills and made her sleep, why are you in tension. He says I met Ishita. She gets shocked and asks is Ishita alive. He says yes, I just met her, she would have come to Amma’s house, I m worried, we will go away from here, I don’t want to see her. She gets glad and says I want to meet her. He says you won’t tell this to anyone, mummy will get unwell. Mr. bhalla hears this. Simmi says Papa did you hear, Ishita is alive. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk to Raman in morning, come.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla telling Mr. Bhalla and Simmi that Raman wants to shift house. Simmi thinks how to tell Raman about Ishita, and says this house is getting insufficient for our stay. Mrs. Bhalla says that woman lives in that area, maybe that is the reason. Simmi and Mr. Bhalla leave. Mrs, Bhalla says I m sure Raman wants to take home close to that woman’s house, its good Emraan has sent me that woman’s address, I will go there and meet that woman. Ishita talks on phone. Mrs. Bhalla comes to her. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing each other.

Mrs. Bhalla drops her purse in shock. She starts leaving, and stops. She goes to Ishita and holds her hands to assure that Ishita is really alive. She says Ishita…… and hugs her crying. Ishita cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t believe you are alive, 7 years, where were you, did you not miss me, did you not think about me, why did you do this, tell me. Ishita says I m really sorry, don’t cry. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it, you have come now, everything will be fine, we will do your Grah Pravesh again, come. Ishita says this can’t happen, Raman won’t let me come. Mrs. Bhalla says why, he has to agree, I will beat him and make him agree, else make him leave house, its my house, not Raman’s, its your house. Ishita asks are you really happy seeing me and cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you asking, I will beat you if you ask this again. Ishita hugs her and cries. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her and says you do one thing, pack your bags, I will take you home. Ishita smiles.

Pihu shouts for Adi. Ishita saves her and says you are fine now, relax. She gets shocked seeing Pihu. Adi looks on.

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