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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita having a talk. She realizes he is having backpain and asks him to just turn. She massages his back. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……….. Shagun comes there with Raman’s coffee and sees them. She gets angry and leaves. Shagun throws the coffee and is worried. Pihu comes and asks what happened, did you get hurt. Shagun says no, tray slipped from my hand. Pihu asks why are you crying. Shagun hugs her and cries.

Raman asks Ishita to go and sleep, they have to leave early tomorrow. Ishita asks him not to sleep on his back, he will get more pain. He says ya, good night. He sees Mani there. Raman leaves. Ishita talks to Mani, and asks when did you come. Mani says sorry, I came to see whether you are fine, I saw you were…. She says massage, Raman has chronic back pain, his stress increased, I was releasing his pain. Mani says I have seen how you were massaging him, do you remember out college friend, his FB status is love is life, life is perfect, I thought everyone’s life is not perfect, some of us’ status will be always complicated, I want to see you happy, but seeing you with Raman, I felt jealous, I felt strange pain, don’t know why, let me complete, I m not selfish or bad, I tried to become a good friend, but these feelings are very strange. He gets teary eyed and says I know you will always love Raman, and can’t think of anyone else, why am I not happy, I should be happy for you and Raman, but I m not happy, why my life can’t be like our friend’s status.

She says I have no answers, you are a very nice person, you kept friendship well and always stayed with me, but…. I have come here for Ruhi, once Ruhi gets back, believe me, we will go back to Australia. He smiles and says its not so easy, I don’t think this will happen, I will agree if you say. She asks why are you saying this. He says sorry to trouble, I came to see whether you are fine, I will come in morning to take you to court, but you are going with Raman, so…. She stops him and says I want you to be there, please, will you… he says don’t worry, I will be there. He goes.

She says I know you will come, you are a very good person, I don’t know how to give you peace and happiness. Its morning, Everyone pray. Amma makes Ishita have Prasad and says I m sure you will win. Vandu also assures Ishita that her belief will win. Bala and Appa encourage Ishita. Ishita says you have always stood with me. Amma says we are family, Ruhi will be with us very soon.

Pihu asks Shagun and Simmi why did Simmi make Raman have curd and sugar, is Raman going for any exam. Simmi says yes, its imp test for Raman, test of being best father. Pihu says he is already best Papa. Simmi says he has to come good Papa for someone else, Papa and Ishita aunty are trying to get Ruhi from that bad aunty. Pihu gets glad. Simmi says this is not easy, so Papa and Ishita are going to court. Pihu says I will pray to Mata Rani that Papa passes this test and Ruhi comes our home soon. Shagun asks Pihu to get her school bag and sends her.

Raman, Ishita and everyone get seated in the court. Raman and Ishita’s case against Niddhi starts. Its same judge who has known Raman and Ishita at Ruhi’s custody case time. Niddhi comes in witness box. Raman’s lawyer tells about Niddhi, she was a lawyer, she has run away from jail, kidnapped Ruhi and then Ruhi’s identity, she made Ruhi as Ruhaan, a pop sensation and earning money, I appeal the court to punish her severely. Ruhi comes there and says all this is a lie. They all get shocked.

Ruhi says I want to say something. Ishita says Ruhi….. Raman stops Ishita. Judge asks who are you. Ruhi says I m Ruhi, and I want to say something. Judge asks her to come in witness box. Ruhi swears to just say the truth. She says Niddhi Chabbra did not kidnap me. Ishita asks Ruhi to say truth, why are you lying. Judge asks Ishita to calm down. Ruhi says Niddhi did not kidnap me, she has raised me when my family left me to die. Ishita says no, tell truth, we loved you a lot, don’t spoil things. Judge asks Ishita to sit, its last warning, else she has to leave the court. Ruhi says this case is for me, I have to ask few questions to Ishita. Judge permits her and asks Ishita to come in witness box.

Ishita goes in witness box. Ruhi asks did you not take me to that cliff that night. Ishita says I took you, but… Ruhi says don’t give any explanation, but answer whats asked, Niddhi kidnapped your daughter Pihu, not me, you agreed to give me to get Pihu back. Ishita says this is not right. Ruhi says you gave me to Niddhi for Pihu, how is this kidnap then, I was at home, who took me there, Ishita took me there, Niddhi did not kidnap me, you took me to exchange me for Pihu. Ishita cries and says no, Niddhi has run away with you, she kidnapped me, what we wanted did not happen. Ruhi says I got my answers. Ishita says hear the explanation, we were helpless. Ruhi says Pihu should have been at Niddhi’s place. She is at Bhalla house, I was given to Niddhi, this is exchange offer, barter system. Raman cries. Ruhi tells the judge that whatever I m today is because of Niddhi, she made me Ruhaan, the teen sensation. Niddhi has hidden my identity, all this is because of them, I want to stay with Niddhi, not them.

Ishita tells Raman that we have few days. Raman says this time we have to be together for Ruhi, we know we have nothing more imp than Ruhi.

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