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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Bhalla household heading for shopping and sight looking at. Ishita asks Ruhi to carry her hand instead of go wherever as its new metropolis. Mrs. Bhalla says she will do buying Sarika. Raman sees Romi and reminds him to undertake Rohit, he forgot his son following having Sarika. Romi claims nothing at all like that. Raman says We’re going to start with Siddhivinayak temple. All of them begin to see the temple. Romi calls Mihika and asks her to visit Mukherjee’s clinic and implement Sarika’s go away, as we’ve been marrying. Mihika states truly, congrats, I will give the depart letter.

The bhalla spouse and children get exhausted and have icecreams. They make browsing options. Shagun assists a Woman and does her assist, inquiring her that has overwhelmed her. She asks her assistant Shraddha to choose some photos for evidence. The lady suggests her spouse beats her after consuming, he does not give cash to me, and snatches my earnings. Shagun asks her to defeat her spouse negative, why does she bear his tortures. The Girl suggests where he is effective. Shagun suggests she can make him right. The lady says he knows you, don’t go there on your own. Shagun says I know to manage him, and asks Shraddha to acquire Woman to physician. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Rinki advise attire for Sarika. Romi says Sarika likes pink. Mihika does Romi’s perform and says she’ll call him and say. She gets Abhishek’s connect with and claims she has appear for many function. He asks about Romi. She suggests Romi and Bhalla family went Mumbai, and tells about Romi’s relationship. He’s shocked and asks so unexpected. She suggests yes, its all unexpected. He thinks with whom is Romi marrying, I have witnessed Sarika, is he marrying Sarika. He suggests that’s good news, so who I that Female. She says I received’t say, phone Romi and request, he is going to be delighted. He suggests ya correct. She finishes the decision.

He suggests He’s marrying, right after what all transpired with Sarika, I won’t Enable this materialize and conclusion All of this. Bhalla females are finished by shopping. Romi goes with Sarika. The girls ask for low cost. Raman asks are they obtaining vegs, its alright. Ishita suggests we will never do procuring with out bargaining. Mrs. Bhalla states Raman does not know something. Mr. Bhalla says depart them, feature me and normally takes Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks the man to present discount rates.

Raman asks Mihir and Ruhi to return along. Shagun relates to identical mall wearing the burqa. They don’t see Shagun and in some cases she is occupied in in search of that person. She handles her face with veil and asks a man to point out where by could be the washroom. She retains his collar. He asks what exactly is she performing. She reveals her face. He states you are NGO one particular. She claims yes. She exhibits the Girl’s wounded pics and asks whats all this. He says she’s my spouse, perhaps she bought harm by blunder. She claims you’ve overwhelmed him, I do know your store operator, shall I present him the pictures and give you in police, you may eliminate occupation and also your wife will go away you, you are going to lose the kids way too. She warns him and gives him A final probability. She states if he would not listen, she will likely not depart him, Vimla stopped me and claimed me to provide you with a person likelihood, many of us are with Vimla, its still time, improve forever.

The women are joyful with the bargains. Mrs. Bhalla suggests Romi and Sarika did late. Shagun sees them and stops She handles her gave and turns. Her cellphone falls and Ishita stops her. Ishita picks her cellphone and provides her cellular. Shagun requires it. Mrs. Bhalla claims wherever is Ruhi. Ishita claims she is with Raman in Adult males’s portion, I’ll information him that our searching is more than, I’ll call them in coffee store. They leave. Shagun suggests Ruhi… and cries. She suggests my daughter is in Mumbai, I must meet up with her.

Ruhi gets bored and Raman and Mr. Bhalla are observing dresses. Ruhi asks the amount of time Papa. Raman goes to test a sherwani and suggests just 2mins. Ruhi sees a great saree and goes towards the lady. She compliments the Woman and suggests she wishes to buy such saree for her Ishi Maa. The Girl suggests she bought it from shop opposite on the mall. Ruhi claims she’s going to explain to Papa. Ruhi sees Raman hectic and says she’ll just go and come. Ishita suggests she is going to go and acquire Ruhi, and in addition say Raman the place we’ve been going.

Shagun sees Raman and addresses her confront. Raman says sorry and goes. Ishita relates to Raman and asks procuring above. He suggests Certainly. She asks about Ruhi. He states she was with father. They all try to look for her and worry on not acquiring her. Shagun also appears to be for Ruhi. Ruhi is there and Shagun turns.

A girl teaches Ashok a lesson, tying his palms and using his income. Ashok asks exactly what the hell is she undertaking. Mihika talks to Mihir and asks him is he not alright using this type of, as Rinki is not below and he has arrive at get tiffin.

Written Update By Sahir


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