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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Raichand and Ishita coming to bhalla house. Ishita says she forgot her purse yesterday. Simmi asks them to sit. Simmi goes to get tea and is glad seeing Ishita/Shanaya. Ishita looks for Ruhi and thinks Ruhi does not go school so soon. Ruhi comes. Ishita smiles seeing her. Tere dil ka mere dil se……plays…………. Ishita goes to Ruhi and gets teary eyed. Simmi observes Ishita…. Ishita recalls Ruhi and her first meet, followed by their moments. Sarika looks on. Ishita is about to hold Ruhi’s face. Neelu comes and says I did not get purse, I searched everywhere. Ishita says I got chocolates for you, you are such a beautiful child.

She gives Ruhi some chocolates. Simmi asks Neelu to give breakfast to Ruhi. She says your purse is not found, but have breakfast. Raichand says no. Simmi insists and tells Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita makes everyone have breakfast, they don’t let anyone go like this. Ishita says we will have tea, she is insisting so much. Simmi asks Neelu to make tea. Raman comes and greets them. He says you both here. Ishita says I forgot my purse here, I heard Raman is a good businessman, dad why don’t we do business with him. Raichand says why not. Ishita says it was weird yesterday, I should have been sensitive, sorry, I manage dad’s business abroad, and asks Raichand to give a contract to Raman. Raman says its great idea, this contract will be good for my company, thanks.

Niddhi asks Raman to come, she needs to talk. Raman and Niddhi leave and go to room. He asks is this way to talk there, you did not even greet them, its good way to know them by business merger, whats problem. She gets angry and argues. Raman convinces her. He gets Niddhi to living hall and introduces Niddhi to Ishita. Ishita says I hope there are no hard feelings between us. Niddhi says no. Raman asks Simmi to make parathas. Simmi says sorry, as your would be wife. Raman asks Niddhi to cook.

Niddhi makes parathas and Ishita jokes on it. Raman says sorry, its my mistake, Niddhi is busy in her work and does not know cooking. Raichand says its okay. Raman says we can go out to have south Indian food. Amma says whats the need to go out for south Indian food when I m here. She gets food and gets shocked seeing Ishita. She says sorry, everyone said you look like my Ishu, but you are not Ishu, you are Shanaya. Ishita says yes, Shanaya. Amma says I had dosa for Ruhi, will you try. Simmi asks Shanaya to try once. Ishita says I did not had it till now. Amma insists and says its very tasty. Ishita says I will try. She sees Ruhi sad and thinks how to make her smile.

She recalls the old moment and says its complicated, I don’t know how to eat it, with spoon or fork. Ruhi asks why are you having it with fork, have it by hand, it increases taste. Ishita asks how. Ruhi shows her and smiles. Teri bechaini ka…………..plays……………… Raman and everyone smile seeing Ruhi happy. Ishita says its yummy. Niddhi comes there and thinks to get friendly with Shanaya, as she can be Ishita. She says sorry, I have some work Raman, and leaves. Raichand says we will leave too, Raman come at our office, we will discuss the deal there. Ruhi looks at Ishita. Ishita greets them and leaves. Amma says I felt, Ishu had that dosa. Simmi says I can’t believe this, she sometimes looks like Ishita.
Amma tells everyone that she kept Satyanarayan puja as she got both her daughters back. She says Vandu, you came back and got fine, and you did not see Shanaya, my heart says she is my Ishu, I kept this puja to thank Lord. Vandu cries and apologizes. Amma says its fine.

Ishita waits for Raman. He comes to meet her. She says I m so happy after meeting Ruhi. He says I m happy too, Ruhi smiled after long time, and how did you come there in morning. Raichand says Ishita was missing Ruhi a lot, we came by excuse and I told about contract so that Niddhi does not doubt. Raman says Niddhi will do something to clear this confusion, so be careful.

Niddhi comes there. Raichand checks her at the door and tells Raman and Ishita about her. They get shocked. Ishita says what is she doing here. Raman hides. Niddhi gives some sweets to Ishita and tries to get some clue to find out is she Shanaya or Ishita. She says your house is beautiful, who did the décor. Raichand says Shanaya herself did it. Niddhi sees Raman’s ipad there and thinks Raman would be here too. She checks the ipad. Ishita thinks Niddhi found out that Raman is here. Niddhi says its Raman’s ipad, he said he is going office, he is here right?


Niddhi stares at Raman. Abhishek says we got Shanaya’s reports. Niddhi smiles.

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