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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Ishita telling their plan about knowing Ashok’s secret informer present in Bhalla house. She says I wanted Ashok to believe I m Shagun and then tell me who is that person. Prateek calls it a great plan. Ishita says Abhishek helped us. Abhishek says we could not arrest Ashok without proof, and know that member, then we needed Prateek. Ishita says they planned everything to show big fight between me and Shagun, and made family scold Shagun. She says Shagun left from home, saying she will never give this child to me.

Shagun says I have sent video to show where is she, and everyone see her fake death. Ishita says then Raman, Mihir, Abhishek and I reached there to save Shagun, I stopped them and went to terrace again, so that they should now know the drama, then we had shown a real fight, Shagun jumped down. Abhishek says Shagun jumped from 6th floor and my team got her landed on the net on 5th floor, I did not let anyone see down from terrace, after they have gone seeing Shagun dead, I took her from there safely. FB shows Abhishek asking Shagun to come to hospital, he will get a body to replace and then do final rites, lets go. He takes her on stretcher. FB ends.

Ishita says Shagun was dead for the world, I had to make her alive to save Raman. Prateek says she has bear a lot. Ishita says she can do anything for Raman, Ashok’s plan broke her, she loves her family and trusts them, and now she is doubting them. Raman did not believe this. Shagun says so we got Prateek in this drama. Ishita says we started this drama same night, Shagun messaged me after coming Bhalla house, I went to kitchen to get water, I opened the door for Shagun and got her inside.

FB shows Ishita asking Shagun to sit, and disappear when Raman comes there. Raman has seen Shagun, I did drama to faint, and till then Shagun went silently, when he turned, he did not see anyone, Raman did not believe, I took Raman to Manoj’s house, I started drama there. She locked the door and when she heard he is going to get keys, she opened the door and sat normal, she did drama to prove Shagun’s soul is wandering and is after her.

She says she was sitting in possessed state in compound, then he got confused what to believe, I have hurt him a lot. She says she does not believe in all this, she heard ghosts are scared of Lord, so she did acting to prove Shagun is in her, she scared Sarika, when Sarika called family and came back, I made the room proper to confuse her, we did mistakes too. Shagun says that night we would have got caught, when Shagun came to meet me at night. Prateek says that was risky. Ishita says Shagun felt there is someone, I diverted Sarika, Shagun left from home, Sarika got more scared after that.

Shagun claims then we began section two. Ishita claims it had been difficult for me to have Shagun’s physique language and mannerism, to persuade Ashok. Shagun says Ishita did it completely, then I explained to her Ashok’s techniques which just Ashok And that i realized, then she employed it correctly. She suggests Ishita is brave, she didn’t hurt anybody in her life, but many people have harm her. Ishita states I have damage several, I m hurting my own loved ones to save lots of them, I scolded Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and Some others. She cries.

She states Ruhi’s buddies came, I worried all of them, I shouted on Ruhi, Ruhi was fearful of me. My Youngsters is not going to forgive me. Shagun claims no, they will comprehend you whenever you make clear them, They are really your kids. Ishita says I had to persuade myself for this drama. Prateek asks how did sindoor switch black, Amma was guaranteed Shagun has possessed you. Ishita suggests Amma is literate and yet thinks All of this, I know she can get Energetic viewing me such as this, I held an eye on Amma. She searched for the factors hidden in her room. FB reveals Ishita receives the sindoor and comprehended pandit gave this to Amma. She asks Abhishek to arrange any black powder, and replaced the sindoor with black powder.

Ishita says I don’t understand how people believe in ghosts and spirits in this age, Amma believed this, but we had to win the bigger fight.

Ishita says we have to find out who is helping Ashok. Ashok says Ishita will kill Raman, and will be blamed, my game will be done.

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