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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Niddhi asking Ruhi did she take decision. Mrs. Bhall scolds Niddhi and asks her to get lost. Judge walks in. Everyone get worried. Judge asks Ruhi how is she. She says I have come to meet Ruhi, 30 days are getting over now, just 2 days are remaining, no one to take decision by any pressure, you know what you wanted by staying with family, tell me your decision as formalities will take time. Ruhi gets thinking. She says I have taken decision, I m going back with Niddhi. Everyone get shocked. Niddhi smiles.

Judge asks are you sure Ruhi. Ruhi says yes. Judge says I m really sorry, I m helpless to accept this decision. Ishita says you know she is young, do not listen to her, she is a kid. Judge says I understand, but decision is made now, you have to cooperate. Judge leaves. Ishita tells Ruhi that we are united, you are part of this family, how can you go. Raman says Ruhi tell us this is a joke. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can you give us sorrow. They all cry. Niddhi shouts asking them to stop this drama, she decided she will come with me, no use to cry now. Mrs. Bhalla says you stop nonsense, what happened Ruhi, tell us, you wanted to see us together, see we all united, why are you leaving us, don’t go.

Ruhi says you all united now, where was this family when I was given to Niddhi, everything changed here, nothing is same, I have bear pain in seven years, you think it will change in one month, I can’t trust my mum and dad again, I never trusted them, I will miss you all. Amma says we all love you. Ruhi says I know, but no one can guarantee what happened 7 years ago will not happen again, if they give me to Niddhi again, its better I go myself, I don’t need you all.

Mrs. Bhalla says you don’t trust us and trust Niddhi. Ruhi says no, I hate Niddhi, she is very bad and behaves bad with me, atleast I know what to expect from her, I don’t know what to expect from you all. Niddhi says Ruhi please, no use to explain them, pack your bags and come with me. Ruhi says not today, I have to spend time with Pihu, don’t know we meet again or not. Niddhi says fine, I will collect our passports from police station and do formalities, be ready. Ruhi agrees. Niddhi leaves. Romi, Mr. Bhalla and Adi come with sweets. Pihu comes from school. Raman throws the sweets and goes to his room. Everyone cry. Shagun takes Pihu with her.

Pihu asks Shagun why is Papa so angry, what happened to him. Shagun says Papa is angry as he lost his valuable thing, he is upset. She explains Pihu. Pihu says we will find a doll for Papa too. Raman breaks the mirror and throws things. He cries. Ishita cries seeing him and asks him to control himself. He holds her neck and says its all because of you, my daughter is going away, I thought everything will get fine, my daughter will go today and you will go tomorrow, I will be all alone. He hits on things and cries. Ishita cries and hugs him. dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays……….. Shagun sees them crying and says I have to do something, I have to find Raman’s doll. She cries and leaves.

Shagun tells Pihu to stop Ruhi. Pihu says I know Ruhi is Papa’s doll. She goes to Ruhi and asks her not to go. Ruhi says I have to go. Pihu says that aunty is so bad, and we all are here. Ruhi says you are also here, I don’t want to leave you, but I have to go, I will have your memories. Pihu asks her not to go. Ruhi says I stayed here for your sake, I have to go back now. Shagun hears them. Ruhi says my life and work is there, I have to go. Pihu says I know you will forget me. Ruhi cries and hugs her. She says I have stayed here just for your sake, I will miss you a lot. She hugs Pihu. Shagun cries.

Ruhi and Pihu sit for dinner. Mrs. Bhalla is upset and angry. She asks Ruhi to have all vegetables, children should eat all vegs, people sleep hungry in the world. Mihika asks Ruhi did she not switch off geyser. Ruhi says sorry. Romi says fan was also on, who will pay bill. Pihu asks them not to scold Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says if we love her, can’t we scold her, don’t know when will we get her to love and scold. She asks Neelu about Ishita. Neelu says she is not at home.

Aaliya shows the food to Adi and asks him to taste the wada. Adi is angry and in pain. He asks her to just leave. She asks what happened. He says Ruhi will go with Niddhi, and Ishita will go with you, that’s why you came here to joke. Mihir comes there. Adi hugs him and cries. He says I don’t want anyone to go far, stop Ruhi and Ishi Maa, try once. Mihir consoles him. Adi says I want to stay with family. Mihir apologizes to Aaliya and says Adi is very hurt, so he behaved that way. Aaliya says its okay. Mihir takes Adi.

Ishita asks judge to help her and stop Ruhi. Judge says I understand your problem, but Ruhi took this decision. Ishita says we tried our best, Ruhi is not agreeing, we tried out best. Judge says maybe Ruhi has to learn more lessons. Ishita says I was living in guilt that my daughter died because of me, but she was living with Niddhi in that hell, I can’t let this happen, postpone the date. Judge says no, I can’t break laws, I m sorry. Ishita says suggest some solution according to law, I can’t let my Ruhi go. Judge says there is provision to postpone decision, there should be solid reason, like any trouble at your home or anyone is critically ill, then we can postpone the judgment, its not like that, so we can’t do this.

Ishita is at Amma’s place and worried. Raman calls her. Amma and Appa ask her to answer call and talk to Raman. Ishita says he is not in frame of mind to think anything, I have to think, Amma do something, we don’t have time, when will you talk to any judge Appa. Amma and Appa calm her down. Ishita says judge told me that if anything happens to me, if there is medical emergency, this way is right. Amma says don’t say this. Ishita says then Ruhi will stay, something should happen to me. Raman hears Ishita and asks are you mad, I will slap you if you say this nonsense, I used to do this madness and you used to stop me, Ruhi and you won’t go anything. He holds Ishita and consoles her.

Raman talks to Anil. Ishita asks Raman are you sure, why did you not refuse there. He says I m sure to marry you for Ruhi’s sake. She asks what about Shagun, atleast talk to her once. Shagun comes and asks what is there to talk Ishita.

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