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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman refusing to accept the award, saying the award should go to just one person, there can’t be any tie, I m used to this award, I have got this since many years, so give this to Romi who got this for the first time. Romi receives the award and gives the credit to his father. He says when the world was against me, my Papa supported me, he gave me money to start business and also encouraged me, I want to give this award to my father, I want to make an announcement, I m launching a new company on my father’s name. Raman leaves from there.

Aaliya meets Niddhi and says I m Ruhaan’s new PA. Niddhi asks where is Ruhaan, you came alone. Aaliya says he won’t come, he said he is unwell and want to be alone, is he fine, he looked upset, I m worried. Niddhi says its okay, teenage and all, cancel recording, and inform musicians, I m going home.

Nancy calls Niddhi and she gets shocked. She says so I was worried for this to happen. Ruhaan/Ruhi panics and is out of control recalling Ishita. Niddhi comes home and asks what happened, did she get attack again. She gets an injection for Ruhi. She shouts Ruhi and says I hate drama, you know what will I do when I get angry, when you get this injection, you will know. Ruhi/Ruhaan says no injection and throws it. Niddhi says don’t you dare and slaps her. Nancy says that was last injection. Ruhi says let me go from here. Niddhi asks Nancy to hold her and ties Ruhi. She says I won’t let my hardwork go waste. She asks how did her state become like this. Nancy says she had toothache, she got violent. Niddhi says she gets attack when she recalls past thing, I m going to get injection, look after her. Ruhi cries.

Raman and Bhallas come home. Pihu asks why did you not take award. Shagun says Papa is tired, don’t interfere in elder’s matter, go and change. Pihu asks Raman to say some stories and then she will sleep. Raman stops Mr. Bhalla and says I need to talk. Mr. Bhalla says so you have to talk to me. Raman blames him for what happened today. Mr. Bhalla says yes, all problems came because of me. Raman asks him why did he give money to Romi. Mr. Bhalla says why, he is my son, he has right on my property, what wrong did I do by giving his share. Raman says see the result. Mr. Bhalla says he is independent, whats wrong. Raman says I would not be hurt if he did right thing, Mihir tell them what Romi is doing, he is bribing people to get contracts from me, he has joined hands with Romi, if he succeeded right way, I would be proud, he is not honest and not working honestly. Mr. Bhalla says everyone has different way to work, if Romi is doing wrong, he will manage.

Raman says I will ruin his business, if you are proud of his success, then be ready to cry for his failures too. Mr. Bhalla says you are right, I m always with you. Raman says I don’t need your support, you keep your hand on Romi’s head. He goes. Mr. Bhalla gets upset. He asks Mrs. Bhalla does she think he did wrong. She cries and says no, I feel everyone is right, Romi left this house 7 years ago, and we did not keep terms with him, we called him useless, he got big award, we could not clap for him, I could not hug him, and bless him, I m so unlucky, and see Raman, he has become alone and heartless after Ishita and Ruhi’s death, he is finished.

Ishita opens the drawer and sees R heart. She smiles and says R…. why does this happen, when you see an alphabet and recall a person. She says for me, R will be always for Ruhi, but no this is of Ruhaan, he is a boy, I have to remember R can’t be for Ruhi always, R for Ruhaan, I felt glad meeting him, I felt some connection with him, though I did not meet him before, I saw him for the first time, even then I felt I have seen him before, don’t know, there is something.

Ishita calls Aaliya and asks about Ruhaan. Aaliya says recording did not happen, Ruhaan cancelled it. Ishita says what, it means he may have pain, its your mistake, you should have stayed. Aaliya says Ruhaan was not ready to stay, I have work here, I will talk later. Ishita asks for Ruhaan’s number so that she can take his welfare. Aaliya says fine, I will send. Niddhi sends a man with the injection. Nancy reads the note from Niddhi that Nancy shall give injection to Ruhaan and she will come late. Nancy thinks how will I do this and goes to Ruhaan. Ruhaan says go from here, I don’t want injection. Ishita calls and says I m Dr. Ishita, a dentist, how is he, are you his mother. Nancy says no, I m his governess. Ishita says I will give prescription, note it. Ruhaan says free me and cries. Ishita asks who is shouting, is that Ruhaan, whats the problem. Nancy says Ruhaan is unwell, he is becoming violent, I have his injection. Ishita asks how will you give him injection, is there no doctor, I will come, don’t give any medicine, I will handle him.

Ishita comes to meet Ruhaan. Ruhi ties her hair and wears the cap. Ishita goes inside the room. Ruhi covers herself with the blanket and cries.

Written Update by Amena

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