Waaris 4th November 2016 Written Update

Waaris 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Waaris 4th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amba refusing to take Amrit’s help. Mannu says but mummy, we are breaking Charan’s dream like this, he wanted we all to be friends and maintain peace, why are we getting enmity between us, this is wrong. Amba says I m going to find work, so that this question does not arise again. She goes. Amrit and Raman leave. Raj asks what will we do now, your mummy does not want to take help. Mannu says don’t worry, I m Shah, I can’t lose, I have to find out about Bebe and try to make her fine.

Mannu goes home. He sees Sushila coming. Sushila calls out Raavi saying she is going to market. She leaves. Mannu goes to Bebe and cries. He asks her to get up. He hears Jagan coming and hides under the bed. Jagan gets injection and it falls down. Jagan gets down to pick injection. Mannu gets tensed. Raavi asks Jagan to come and have tea. He says coming. Bebe’s hand moves. Jagan gives her injection.

Bebe’s hand does not move. Mannu looks on and says what happened to Bebe. Jagan leaves. Mannu says Bebe was getting conscious, what happened then after getting injection, did she faint by injection.

Amba goes to get job and meets someone. He says I m seeing you after a long time. She says everyone knows about me and Jagan, can you help me with some work. He says its not a big favor. He holds her hand and smiles. She gets angry. The man talks dirty and asks her to take money. He says I m taking big risk by helping you, you keep me happy. She gets shocked and shouts on him.

His wife comes and asks Amba what are you doing here. Amba says I was helpless and came to ask for work, but he is thinking something else. She scolds the man. His wife scolds Amba and says she is blaming my good husband, she is characterless and tried to kill Bebe for Harjeet’s sake. She asks Amba to get lost. Amba cries and goes.

Sushila stops Amba and says its very bad, why don’t you agree to Jagan than getting insulted like this. She acts sweet and says I m like your mum, do as Jagan says, come back home with respect.

Raj says why is Mannu getting late. Mannu comes and tells Raj that Bebe fainted after Jagan gave her injection. Raj says then we will know after checking injection, if my Papa told truth, this would have got fine. Mannu says we tried a lot. Raj says its like tiger story, no one came at real time to get help. Mannu likes the idea and says we will tell Jagan that Harjeet and Amba is meeting, when people does not see them, they will believe it was all fake, I will try to make Bebe fine, then everything will be fine.

Simran calls out Mannu. Raj leaves. Mannu goes to Simran. Amba cries and thinks of Jagan’s words. Amba says you promised me that you will get my respect back, will you fulfill the promise. He says yes. Amba says I will do what all you say, I have to go back home, I want my respect and honor back at any price. Mannu hugs her. Simran too hugs Amba. Amba cries. Jagan comes and asks what is happening. Sushila says I told everything to Jagan, that none is helping Amba. She asks Amba to agree, and settle the matter.

Jagan and Sushila see the things there. Jagan asks how did you get these things, tiffin and blankets. Mannu goes to Jagan and says it came from Harjeet’s house. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Jagan gets angry and leaves. Sushila says you all spoiled everything, and leaves.

Amba asks Mannu what are you saying. Mannu says you said, you will do what I say, I used used this chance, now see what how I make this lie a truth. Gunjan says I feel this is wrong, its big problem, enough Mannu, are you mad, did you remember we are out of home by this lie, why is mummy agreeing to him, sign on papers and agree to Jagan. Mannu asks what can we do, what I m doing is tough, there won’t be any fight, either we will get insulted and go out of village, or go home with respect. Waaris…..plays……………..

Mannu takes a decision to trap Jagan in his lie. Jagan and Sushila believe that Amba and Harjeet have an affair. Sushila says this can’t be true. Mannu checks medicines. Jagan says I felt someone came here. Sushila sees Mannu hiding under the bed.

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