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Waaris 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swaroop getting shocked seeing Harjeet. She hides. Lala ji says I will see arrangements, the guests will come with shagun. Biji helps Swaroop in hiding and eloping. Everyone is happily doing Mannu’s Annparashan function. Amba asks Bheeru to get the kheer she kept for Mannu in room. He goes. Raavi comes and looks for Sukhi. Bebe asks where is Jagan. Raavi says you are also not getting your son. Bebe says find Jagan, he will feed kheer to Mannu. Raavi smiles and thinks now Mannu will have kheer in which I added glass, then Jagan will become Shah. She goes to find Jagan.

Jagan meets Swaroop and they romance. She is very happy with him, and shows the note he has sent for her. He says you don’t know what you did, everyone will remember this day. She shows the red sharara and anklets she worn for him. she tells him what Amrit told about him, and she got scared hearing that. He asks her to look in his eyes and all her fear will get away. She smiles and says you have put scent, are you meeting someone. He says there is someone mad in my love. she laughs.

Bheeru gets the kheer for Mannu. Raavi smiles and thinks Jagan should get this happiness, where did he go. Jagan gets intimate to Swaroop. Everyone wait for Jagan. Bebe thinks where is Jagan, why did he not come. Jagan is with Swaroop. Raavi says Bebe, I don’t know where he is, he did not say anything, I just remember he got angry on me. Bebe says I knew you did something.

Pandit says we will feed kheer to Mannu, mahurat is passing. Raavi says just 5 mins more, Jagan will come and feed him kheer. Bebe says we will see 5mins, else you do this rasam pandit ji. He agrees. Swaroop asks him when will he marry her, send Raavi to her Maayka. Raavi waits for him. He says you are getting married, what will you leave for your husband if you give everything to me. She says I m not marrying anyone. She asks will you marry me Jagan. He wears his clothes. She asks him to answer, are you just time passing, I have come here for you leaving everything. He says leave me hand Swaroop. She asks why, I did not hold you to leave your hand. Raavi walks to that place.

Swaroop asks why are you saying this, I love you a lot, I feel scared. He says wrong is wrong, its your engagement today. She asks what are you saying, come we will tell everyone we want to marry. He says my marriage happened. He says I m married.

She gets shocked and asks was Amrit saying true, you have let her go intentionally. He smiles. She says so that I get trapped, don’t try to run away from me, else everything will be ruined, our families had enmity, if you don’t leave your wife and don’t marry me, then I will not leave you. She cries and asks him to marry her. He pushes her away.

She threatens to ruin him. Jagan and Swaroop turn and get shocked seeing Raavi there. Pandit is about to feed kheer to Mannu. Raavi brings Swaroop there and pushes her on the ground. She beats Swaroop. Everyone get shocked. Swaroop stops Raavi and scolds her for trapping Jagan. Swaroop says Jagan got silent seeing you, you look like a ghost. Bebe, Amba and everyone look on. Swaroop insults Raavi and asks her to see her face in mirror. Raavi fumes. Raavi says I will not leave you today. Swaroop shouts enough and holds the stick. Everyone look on.

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Written Update by Amena

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