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Vishkanya 8th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Kumkum beating Apu with wooden rod behind curtain thinking her as animal. Apu shuts her mouth and cries unbearing pain. Kalpana thinks she has to do something and drops vase on opposite side. Everyone run towards hall. Kalpana goes to Apu and takes her from there. All guests run towards hall and see broken vase. Some discuss that animal escaped from here when they were busy other side. Kalpana takes Apu from home and stops seeing security guard and driver.

Security guard asks driver how is Vikrant. Driver says his condition is critical. Kalpana to divert their attention asks how is the man and shows concern, asks in which hospitla he is. Driver explains address. Apu passes silently from behind. Kalpana leaves without listening hospital’s name. Driver says she is weird. Guard says that is why they call her insane.

Kumkum says animal is defiitely behind curtain and beats with wooden rod again. Rasik shouts in pain and comes out. She asks what was he doing behind curtain. He says he was checking if animal was there or not.

Kalpana takes Apu home and asks her to go and have neem tulsi water bath. Apu walks towards bathroom. Tapur comes down busily chatting on mobile. Kalpana gets tensed that she will see Apu. She passes by without noticing Apu.

Kumkum says she is sure Kalpana and her daughter must have done something, they ruined whole party with drama. Rasik says Kalpana cannot do anything. Kumkum scolds him. Nandita asks them to stop fighting and realizes Kalpana’s words.

Tapur yells at Kalpana that she always ignored her for Apu and sent her to hostel since chilhood and took care of Apu only. Kalpana says she sent her to hostel as Apu was ill. Tapur says she should have sent Apu out instead. Naani comes and asks why are they shouting. They both ask her to ask each other. Apu hides behind door in store room. Tapur asks who is inside and locks door. Apu walks towards cupboard and extends hand to open door. Kalpana enters and gets tensed seeing that and thinks cupboard’s secret will be out.

Precap: Apu says Kalpana she has decided that she will not go out of her room from today. Kalpana enters store room and closes cupboard thinking she will not get its secret out.

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