Vishkanya 6th September 2016 Written Update

Vishkanya 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya written update

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Vishkanya 6th September 2016 Written Update

Apu is shocked to see Mandira’s imposter is actually a very old chudail. She saks what did she do with Mandira maasi. Chudail says she strangulates Apu’s neck and says she killed Mandira, Chakki, and Vardaan. Apu asks to kill her also. Chudail says she needs something from her, so she will not kill her. Apu says she will inform Malay about her true identity and walks out. Chudail laughs.

Malay cries looking at Vardaan’s photo and reminisces their first meeting and moments thereafter.

Kalppana takes naani to hospital and does not find anyone. She says naani this place is weird and they should go to another hospital. Naaani wakes up and keeps knife on Kalpanas neck. Kalpana asks who is she. Woman removes Naani’s mask from her face and reveals she is also an evil woman. Laila/Yakshhini comes in nurse’s attire and with the help of her puppets ties Kalpana to a bed.

Apu is about to inform Mandira’s truth to Malay when she gets an SMS of Kalpana being kidnapped. Mandira warns her to keep her mouth shut, else lose her mother. Apu informs Malay that she was wrong, there is no evil spirit in this house. Malay says thank god, now she will not trouble his family. Mandira says Apu is worried about family and is disturbed.

Kalpana sees Laila sleeping, frees herself and runs out. Laila’s goons catch her, but she pushes them and runs. Laila wakes up and comes out. Avi calls her and says he wants to go out with her. She says she will come. Goon inform her that Kalpana escaped. Avi hears that and asks if someone is around her. Laila says no and says will meet him soon. Kalpana hides behidn chair and escapes.

Naani comes crying and informs Apu and MAlay that Kalpana is not at home. Malay says they all will search Kalpana. Mandira thinks how will they find Kalpana now.

Precap: Mandira/chudail sees Laia at home and asks where is Kalpana. Laila runs saying Kalpana escaped. Apu searches Kalpana in jungle and stops seeing someone.

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