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Vishkanya 5th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Apu looking at Nandita’s given gifts and reminisces her words of doing pooja and solving problems. She sees Malay sending her basket and phone via rope from his balcony. Malay calls and she picks call. He says finally he heard he voice and says he cannot live without hearing her voice. He says he waited for 2 hours to hear her voice. She reminisces Kalpana’s words that Nandita attacked her mother and insulted them all. Malay asks why is she silent. She says it is late night and he should sleep. He says he knows she sleeps early and he will not disturb her more, asks if she is happy with this relationship. She says a lot and says she cannot keep his phone. He says it is Abhi’s phone and she can keep it in basket. She keeps and leaves. Malay gets disheartened. Abhi comes and asks if he spoke. Malay nods yes and leaves. Apu looks at Malay’s balcony and feels nervous. Her skin turns blue.

In the morning, Nandita speaks to someone over phone. Door bell rings. Nandita asks Kumkum to check who is it. Kalpana comes. Kumkum asks what is she doing here. Nandita calls her in. Kalpana brings shagun for Malay and says pooja is fixed at 8 p.m. Nandita says both children’s problems will be solved and asks where is Apu’s pooja as she will send Abhi there. Kalpana says elders should go there to perform pooja properly. Nandita says panditji told only unmarried people can attend it. Malay comes down. Kalpana gives him gift and reminds him of basket ggift. Malay says if she is angry. Kalpana says she is not and in fact children do this often in love. She leaves saysing she will come for pooja in the evening.

Kalpana comes for pooja with Dida and Tapur. Nandita greets them in and calls Malay. Malay comes down and sits in pooja. Kumkum thinks why Didi is inviting this problem home. Apu with Abhi goes to temple and pandit asks Abhi to wait out while he performs pooja. Nandita’s goons come in pandit’s attire. Nandita calls Abhi and asks if they reached temple. Abhi says yes and Pandit already started pooja and send him out. She asks him to stay around Apu and take care of her. She disconnects call and thinks after pooja, Apu..Kalpana comes there. Nandita says she was speaking to Abhi and sits back in pooja. Kalpana notices her suspicious moves.

Nandita’s goons surround Apu and attack her. Apu frees herself and scratches one of them. Her poison does not affect him. She sees moon light falling on her. Pandit in Mittal house tells today is special pooran maasi and evil spirits will not work. Kalpana realizes that Apu’s poison will not work on pooran maasi and excuses herself from pooja. She informs Dida that vishkanya’s poison will not work on pooran maasi and Apu is in danger.

Apu runs and locks herself in temple. Goon try to break door from outside. Apu prays kali maa that her mother says she is kali maa’s boon, but she cannot protect herself from goons.

Precap: Apu hits her head on kali maa’s feet and says if she cannot protect her family, she will end her life. Goons break door and are shocked too blue skinned Apu standing in front of them holding trishul.

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