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Vishkanya 5th July 2016 Written Update

May searches Vardaan and finds her unconscious on floor. He shakes her and tries to wake her up. People gather and someone says she is bitten by nake. Malay sees snake bite on leg and sucks poison. Apu thinks she wanted to just divert her route and not harm her. She reminisces snake dying after biting her and Kalpana telling her poison is antedote to snake’s poison. She thinks her poison will cure Vardaan. She asks Malay to bring water and in lieu of checking Vardaan pricks her nail to cure her. Malay comes and sprinkles water on Vardaan and she wakes up. Apu leaves. People praise that Vardaan got well with her husband’s love, it is a miracle.

Vardaan in her room looks at Nandita’s given medicine to lure Malay and throws it in dustbin thinking she does not need this to lure Malay. Apu walks in and says she ruined her honeymoon and she is getting away from her husband more. Vardaan says her honeymoon is more successful as couple go to honeymoon to understand each other and that is what happening between her and Malay. Apu says it is her imagination. Waiter calls her and says her nonveg food is ready. She says she is a vegeterian. Apu silently picks medicine from dustbin and leaves. She goes out and gives money to waiter for making fake call.

Apu goes to Madan’s room to torture him, but Madan instead catches her from behind and strangulates her neck. She turns blue. He pins her to bed and says she will know how it is to trouble Madan. Kalpana comes and hits his head from behind. He falls unconscious on floor. Kalpana scolds Apu why did she come here alone without informing, what if something had happened to her. She further says her goal is to kill Malay and not romance him. Apu says Malay is her love and she will not let Vardaan take over him, already Nandita is hatching plans to unite them. Kalpana stands in a shock and sees Madan running out of room. They both run behind him.

Vardaan asks Malay if he is so concerned about her. He says he does not know, people were telling she got well like a miracle. He further says they will not fight whole day today and will go for dance party in the evening.

Apu and Kalpana continues following Madan. He gets into taxi and speeds up. Apu and Kalpana get into another taxi and follow him.

Precap: Apu in hotel restaurant sees Malay and Vardaan dancing together and mixes Nandita’s medicine in their soup thinking she will do what she came here for.

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