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Vishkanya 30th April 2016 Written Update

Guys if I have missed some part so pls forgive me.

The episode starts with Nanditha comes out and tells to all relatives that kalpana has done some magic on Malay and he left. All gets shocked. All ladies tells wait we will see her and they all leaves to kalpana house..

Arjun brings apu to disclosed location and removes blanket and apu sees Arjun and gets shocked and asks u? She cries. Guru tells she is superb and I need her. Arjun tells first me and he tries to kiss her. Malay comes there and beats goons and unties apu. Arjun beats Malay. They both fight. Goons holds Malay and beats. Arjun takes apu aside and he cuts her hand. Blood falls down the place around fires. He wonders.. Malay sees this and beats goons and comes there and beats Arjun and Arjun and goons runs from there.. Malay stops fire.

Nanditha and other ladies comes to kalpana house. Some holds kalpana and dadi hand and they all go inside and search malay. Nanditha and kumkum comes to kalpana room and opens magic things and keeps there and she shouts . all ladies comes there and gets shocked to see Malay photo was kept under kaali maa.. She smiles. Kalpana sees it and gets tensed. Ladies tells she is witch. Kalpana sees nanditha hand sindoor and asks her I only did magic then how u r hand has sindoor. Nanditha holds her hair and tells her not to act smart and tells today u are caught..

Malay saves apu and asks her I knew that u love me alot. She gets shocked and asks what? He tells I heard u r conversation with kalpana. She gets shocked. He pulls her closer and tells her to say that she loves me. She backs off recalling snake dead and Malay fever,and bo y death in party and moves back.

She tells this can’t happen. He tells why? He comes close and pulls her closer and tells if there is any problem? She tells yes I have problem. He tells her to say. She tells this can’t be told to anyone. He tells then ok.

Precap: Malay keeps hand on apu head and promises something (I did not understand) Kalpana face was filled with Buffalo toilet. Apu comes there and tells all to move from here. She warns others and hugs kalpana..

Written Update by Narendran

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