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Vishkanya 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Apu rushes towards Pune highway in car to meet Malay. Driver bores her with is unwanted commentary. Kalpana comes out of temple and tells she will call Apu, but Kumkum stops her.

Apu reaches venue and calls Malay. Madan and Sunder come laughing and say they are Malay. Madan shows Malay’s phone and reminisces how Sunder stole it from Malay. Apu runs towards car and requests driver to take her from there. Driver pushes her towards Madan and Sunder and laugh that he can do anything for food. Madan throws rasgulla tin on him. He catches it and laughs that he can kill anyone for tasty food.

Vardan shows vishkanya literature to Nandita and says this is Apu’s truth. Nandita says these are just stories and requests her to protect Malay. Vardan asks how. Nandita asks her to marry Malay and says she will in be veil during marriageand and after marriage, she will convince Malay to accept her.

Sunder and Madan with driver continue to misbehave with Apu and she sees Malay’s car passing by and shouts Malay. They turn and see car leaving, they turn back and see Apu missing.

Kalpana and Kumum’s taxi breaks down. Driver says it will take time. Kalpana confronts Kumkum that she with Nandita tricked her and brought her via secluded place. Kumkum says no. Kalpana says she knows they tricked to stop Malay and Apu’s marry, she will have to reach Apu soon and runs from there.

Apu runs on road. Madan, Sunder, and driver follow her. She comes in front of police jeep and pleads inspector to save her. Inspector asks her to sit in car and walks towards Madan and Sunder and asks how dare they are to create havoc in his area. Driver says no. Inspector shouts not to try oversmart with police. Madan says inspector that they want to kill this girl and he has to help them, else… Inspector asks if they are threatening him. Sunder says it is offer, he will get 20%. Inspector says he needs equal partnership, 50%, rest 50% they can share among themselves. Sunder says okay. Apu thinks what are they discussing about. Inspector and Madan shake hands. Apu is shocked to see that.

Sunder tells inspector he just have to leave the girl for him. Inspector says that is all, she is all theirs. Apu gets out of jeep, but Sunder stops her. Apu thinks poison runs in her vein and they will die, reminisces killing snake and Nandita’s another brother.

Precap: Kumkum calls Nandita and informs that Kalpana ran to meet Apu. Apu shouts for help. Kalpana hears that.

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