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Vishkanya 2nd July 2016 Written Update

Madan serves alcohol to Apu. She gulps alcohol in one go. Malay angrily comes to his room and sleeps. He wakes up at midnight and sees Vardaan still hasnot returned from party. He calls her, but her phone is switched off. He asks hotel staff outside if he saw his wife who has long hair and wearing black dress. Staff says no, party finished long ago.

Madan gets double vision after drinking alcohol and tells Apu i can see 2 Munni. Apu reminisces mixing drug in his drinks. She tries to fall on her, she runs into bathroom. He enters bathroom and sees her in bath tub. He opens her veil and sees a doll instead and falls into bat tub. Apu standing aside removes her neem/tulsi beed necklace and shows her blue skin and says she is Vishkanya. He is shocked. She gives him electric shock

and leaves thinking Mamaji will be under electric shock for 12 hours, she should check Vardaan and Malay.

Malay sees Vardaan sitting under rain. He scolds if she has lost her mind and asks to come in. She says she will not, he treats her so badly and does not respect her feeling, she is a human with emotions and not robot. Malay stands in a shock. She falls unconsciouson his shoulder. He rushes her to room. Apu watches him taking Vardaan in and locking door from inside. She peeps via key hole and sees Malay removing Vardaan’s clothes and then his clothes and sleeping with her to give her body heat. She feels shattered and thinks this cannnot happen. She is about to knock door when hotel staff comes holding blankets. She asks which is room #304. He says it is upstairs and she asks why these blankets. He says this room’s guest is ill after drenching in rain, so ordered blankets. She walks thinking Malay is just helping Vardaan, but Vardaan is culprit, she must have drenched in rain purposefully to get Malay’s attention.

Malay changes Vardaan’s clothes and dorns blankets on her. She stills shivers. He pampers her looking at her face. She falls asleep. He thinks what is happening to him, why is he looking at her like this.

Apu goes back to Madan’s room, sees him unconscious and tied and says he must he praying for his death, but for he heinous acts he did, she will kill him slowly. Till then, she will see what Malay is doing.

Precap: Malay asks Vardaan to get ready for sight seeing. She says okay. Apu thinks she will fail Vardaan’s plan again and not let her win Malay’s heart.

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