Vishkanya 29th July 2016 Written Update

Vishkanya 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya written update

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Vishkanya 29th July 2016 Written Update

Apu ties Vardaan in a gunny bag. Vardaan prays Ganeshi to help her. Rats gather and cut gunny bag and free Vardaan. Malay waits for Vardaan and thinks if she did not want to wear his gifted sari, she would have rejected directly instead of hiding. Vardaan comes and nervously tries to speak, but Apu sees her and stops her from uttering anything and says Malay that as he ordered, she is leaving his house right now and tells Vardaan she can discuss her issue later with Malay. Malay says she can go in th morning. Apu says she has to go either now or morning, so will go now itself. Malay says he will drop her outside and walks with her. Vardaan stands in a shock.

Apu meets Mittal family members and apologizes if she has done any mistake. Kumkum yells her birth is a big mistake. Apu touches Nandita’s feet and then touches Malay’s feet. Malay says she does not have to do this. She says she should as he does not consider her as wife, but she considers him as husband. She hugs Vardaan next and smiles.

Kalpana with neighbors brings polcie and asks to arrest Malay for marrying her daughter and then ransacking her after a day. Apu asks her not to create any problem and go back home. Kalpana says though her daughter loves Malay, she will not let Malay do injustice to her. Inspector arrests Malay. People dsicuss Malay should not have done this to Apu and some discuss he should not be arrested. Malay is dragged out and Apu acts as running behind him. Police take him in jeep.

Vardaan comes out and challenges Apu that even she bears 1000 lives, she will nto get Malay. Apu says if she thought she will send her to Darjeeling and sing duet sang here with Malay. Vardaan asks how much low she will fall. Apu says she will not let her take away her love from her. Vardaan says she will do anything to free Malay. Apu asks to divorce Malay then.

Precap: Malay holds inspector’s collar and inspector tortures him. Apu tells Kumkum it is her punishment for Malay for betraying her.

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