Vishkanya 27th July 2016 Written Update

Vishkanya 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya written update

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Vishkanya 27th July 2016 Written Update

Malay holds Vardaan and says till now, he did not hide his feeling from her, even when he noted loved her and loving her now. He says he loves her a lot, loves his selfless behavior, etc. He cotinues expsressing his love for her and applies sindhoor with his blood. Vardaan feels her forehead. He says he applied sindhoor in Apu’s forehead helplessly and applying her with his wish, he is her only wife and love.

Mittal family gets worried for Malay and Kumkum yells at Apu that it is all happening because of her. Malay comes with blood stains on hsi shirt and injuries. Apu says where was he, she was very much worried for him. Vardaan steps in next limping with bandage on leg. Kumkum asks what happened to them and asks them to come in and have turmeric milk. Malay gets in. Apu stops Vardaan and asks if she is deeply injured, shows her sindhoor and says she must have realized now how much Malay loves her. Vardaan shows her blood sindhoor and says going out of her house was her big mistake, she will never repeat it. Apu stands fuming.

In the morning, Malay wakes up and sees Vardaan still sleeping. He thinks she is so cute and innocent, he loves her so much. Vardaan wakes up and her mangalsutra entangles with Malay’s locket. Their eyes lock. Apu brings tea for Vardaan and black coffee for Malay and calls Vardaan bado didi/elder sister. Vardaans shouts why did she come here. Apu says when they are sharing husband, then they should share work also. Vardaan takes tray angrily and Apu leaves smiling. Malay says he did a big mistake and will sort it ouit himself now, only Vardaan is his wife and not Apu.

Kumkum goes to temple with Nandita and tells neighbors that Apu and Malay’s marriage was a mistake and she will correct it soon, it was booth badi women’s plan. Kalpana comes and after touching Nandita’s feet tries to feet her sweets. Kumkum yells to stop her drama. Kumkum says drama has not started yet. Kumkum leaves angrily with Nandita. Kalpana sees temple lady and says she is the one who met Vardaan other day, what she is up to. Lady says she is a banjaran and came here first time. Kalpana warns her to stay away from ghosh wadi people, else she will repent.

Malay comes out after bath and calls Vardaan to get him shirt. Apu brings shirt and seeing Malay trying to stept on thorny wire pushes him away. They both fall down. Vardaan comes and fumes seeing them on floor.

Precap: Apu says Kalpana that Malay is only hers and she wil not let Vardaan take him away. Temple lady says Vardaan that vishkanya Apu is very intelligent and tells her some plan.

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