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Vishkanya 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Kalpana tells Malay that his family proved that they don’t respect her and family, so she breaks this alliance. She tries to remove Apu’s engagement ring. Malay stops her and says his and Apu’s engagement has already happened and nobody can break it. He asks Renu and Vardaan to leave from his house. Kumkum says they were just helping him. Malay says he can help himself and says whoever tries to stop his marriage will have to face dire consequences. Mittal family at him in a shock while Apu looks at him emotionally.

Kalpana at her home dances with Apu and laughs that they won their first battle. She reminisces seeing Vardaan listening to their plan and acting as executing her plan. She laughs further that their enemies are out of their way now.

Renu with Vardaan packs her bags. Kumkum tries to stop them. Renu says Malay insulted them a lot and they don’t want to stay back. They walk with bags. Malay asks Abhi to drop them to station. Renu says they will go back as they came in alone. They both walk in storm cursing their fate. Vardaan sees temple and enters asking god what wrong did she do. She calls Apu and says even she must be disturbed with yesterday’s inident, says she knows she cannot harm Malay, asks to meet her at temple for Malay’s sake. Apu informs Kalpana, assures her that nothing will happen to her, and leaves.

Nandita and Kumkum come to Malay’s room to calm him. Malay asks why did they come here after trying to ruin his life. Kalpana comes and informs Malay that Vardaan called Apu to temple and sneh may harm Apu. He rushes towards temple.

Apu reaches temple. Vardaan asks if she really loves Malay. Apu stands silently. Vardaan says she kept saulvan somvar vrat to get a good life partner, but Apu got a good life partner like Malay and why she is doing this to Malay. Apu runs out and steps on construction bamboo’s by mistake and bamboos fall on her. Malay reaches the spot and picks Apu, saying he will not let her happen anything. Apu falls unconscious. Malay gets worried that she is dead and rubs her extremities, does not feel it, and cries loudly holding her. Vardaan tries to touch Apu and Malay warns her to stay away.

Precap: Pandit informs Renu that temple’s idol is unauspicious and they will be harmed if they pooja here. Malay carries Apu into temple.

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