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Vishkanya 22nd August 2016 Written Update

Vardaan thinks why did she send Apu alone, she should have gone with her, what if she is in trouble. She is about to leave when Malay comes back from hospital and says Nandita’s condition is stable now, so he came back. He says it is their marriag today where is she going. She says just nearby. He gets romantic and holds her hand, just then they hear Kumkum’s voice and part ways. Vardaan leaves.

Apu searches Kalpana in jungle. Vardaan also joins her. Kasturi’s goons attack them. Kalpana shouts from coffin. Malay calls Vardaan and hears Vardaan and Apu’s sounds fighting with goons in jungle. He rushes towards jungle, but his car breaks down on the way. He starts running and calling Vardaan.

Kasturi’s goons trap Apu in a net and capture Vardaan. Kasturi comes and orders her goons to throw mud on Kalpana’s coffin. Apu shouts now. Vardaan jumps in and tries to remove mud from coffin. Kasturi continues ordering her goons to throw mud or else Apu should slit her throat and die so that her boss can get Apu’s poison. Apu agrees. Kasturi gives her black magic knife. Vardaan frees Kalpana. They both come out and Apu holds knife on Kasturi’s neck and asks who is her boss. She says he is powerful and once he gets a body, he will kill Apu. She herself strangulates her neck and falls down. Goons run away. Apu, Kalpana and Vardaan walk towards road. Kasturi wakes up and smirks holding her knife. Malay is seen searching Vardaan.

Kalpana gets tired and sits under a tree. Kasturi comes and tries to stab Apu, but Vardaan comes in between and gets stabbed. Apu snatches knife and stabs Kasturi. Malay also comes. Kalpana holds Vardaan in her lap and says nothing will happen to her.

Precap: Apu tells Malay let us take Vardaan to hospital. Vardaan says it is took late, asks Apu to take care of Malay and asks Malay to forget her and not cry even one day remembering her.

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