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Vishkanya 21st June 2016 Written Update

Vardaan silently gets out of Apu’s house and goes back to Mittal house. Apu asks where was she from such a long time. Vardaan thinks she should catch Apu red-handed and not utter anything before that and leaves saying she got her mom’s call. Apu sees mud on floor. She goes home and sees broken vase and realizes that Vardaan had come her, she will not let Vardaan doubt her again.

Vardaan munches chips murmuring she could not know Apu’s plan and continues murmuring. Apu comes and says they will write their favorite things on paper. Vardaan starts writing her favorite color, food, actor, movie, sports star, etc., then first love…Malay gets nervous and walks out from there. Vardaan thinks she knows Malay’s first love is Apu, but she does not know why Vardaan wants to harm Malay, she will know what her plan is and destroy it.

Apu gets ready and gets out of house. Vardaan starts following her. She hides and fools Vardaan. Vardaan continues searching her. Apu goes back to Mittal house and meets Nigam. Nigam asks why did she come here. She says she felt dealing money matters in market, so she came to his home. He says she did good. She asks if he stays here alone. He says he stays wi9th his sister and brother-in-law who have gone to waste money in charity, his nephew who went out, his daughter-in-law who is spendthrift and went for shopping, his 2 waste body brothers who also went out. He asks how much he won. She says as he thought, double. His eyes widen in greed. Apu gives him money and reminisces taking it out from Nigam’s secet locker with Kalpana. She explains him how he can get more money.

Vardaan waits for Apu near lottery shop and returns back and instead of going to Mittal mansion, she goes to Apu’s house and knocks door. Kalpana opens door and asks what she needs from Apu. Vardaan says she has some important work with Apu. Kalpana says she cannot meet Apu now. Malay passes by and asks what is she doing here. She says she has important work with Apu. Malay asks her to come along. Vardaan pushes Kalpana and runs towards Apu’s room saying Malay she will expose Apu today. She knocks door. Apu opens door wearing bath towel around her hair and asks Kalpana why did she let anyone to her room when she told not to let anyone. Kalpana says Vardaan forcefully came here. Malay angrily leaves. Vardaan is shocked that her plan failed and tries to leave. Kalpana and Apu stop her.

Precap: Vardaan says Apu that she will not let her come near Malay. Apu says she forgot that she can come here anytime.

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