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Vishkanya 1st July 2016 Written Update

Malay sees Apu’s hand bleeding and tries to help her. She warns him not to touch her, she fine. Vardaan comes back and asks Malay what happened. Apu says her husband is a nice man, he saw her bleeding and gave her kerchief. She leaves from there worrying if someone sees blood, they will realize she is vishkanya. She applies tulsi leave to her injury and it heals. She sees Vardaan’s tied holy thread and thinks Vardaan wants to get Malay forever, but Malay is her love and she wants him totally once they leave Ramgarh. She also ties holy thread. They get back into bus and reach Ramgarh. Malay and Vardaan get down first and then Apu and Madan.

Malay and Vardaan reach resort room. Helper informs them there is western theme party in hotel lounge and they should attend it. Vardaan excitedly asks what time is the party. Vardan says she does not know western outfit, so they cannot go. He goes for swimming. Apu hears her conversation and gets an idea. Nandita calls Vardaan and reminds her to use ds her to use her given medicine to lure Malay. Vardaan says she wants to win Malay’s heart with her love and not by medicine. Door bell rings. Vardaan opens door and sees giftb ox out. She thinks Malay kept it for her and sees a short black western dress.

Malay gets ready wearing tuxedo for western theme party. He calls Vardaan, but she misses it. Vardaan gets ready in short black dress and tries to call back Malay. She peeps down and sees Malay already in party. Malay sees Madan passing by and starts searching her. Vardaan goes down. Apu wearing mask loosens Vardaan’s zip silently and leaves. She smirks thinking Vardaan will be humiliated now when her dress will fall down. Malay continues searching Madan and Vardaan searches Malay. Malay sees Vardaan and her zip slipping off, runs and hugs her and zips her back. Apu watches this and fumes in jealousy. Vardaan gets happy feeling Malay’s hug. Malay scolds Vardaan what she wanted to prove wearing this revealing short dress, what if it had fallen down. She pushes her and leaves. Vardaan stands in a shock. Apu smirks seeing this and thinks now Malay will hate Vardaan more.

Madan in his room watches Apu/Munni’s dance video and gets excited. Apu knocks door. He applies perfurme and opens door holding flowers and singing Inteha hogayi intezar ki….song…Apu enters and sits on bed. Madan gets more excited seeing her legs. He serves her alcohol. She acts as drinking.

Precap: Inebriated Madan opens Apu’s veil and sees doll instead. Apu gives him electic shock via doll and says she is Vishkanya.

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