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Vishkanya 17th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Vardaan showing black lemon to Renu and says she found it in booth badi. She says booth baadi has black powers and it will affect Malay’s life, so she stayed back to save him. Renu taunts that she is in love with Malay and is trying to protect him even after being insulted. Vardaan says she just wants Apu and Malay lead happier life after marriage and save Malay from black evil powers.

Vardaan goes to Nandita’s room and calls her to Renu’sroom. Nandita asks why she brought her here. Renu tells that Malay has evil powers on him. She shows black lemon and says either Apu or Kalpana has evil shadow. Vardaan says she may be wrong. Kumkum says they cannot allege their samdhis. Nandita says she wants to break alliance and get Malay away from booth baadi people. Kumkum starts her buttler English and says she said nonsence/right. Renu says Vardaan has taken responsibility to save Malay and Nandita has to protect her dignity. She gives her devi maa’s kumkum and asks to apply it behind Malay’s ear. Nandita asks Vardaan to apply it behind Malay’s ear.

Vardaan enters Malay’s room silently and sees him sleeping. She gets mesmerized again and thinks how can somebody so handsome. She extends hand to apply kumkum behind Malay’s er when Malay holds her hand in sleep.

Kumkum asks Renu why she is worried about Vardaan when she is not her daughter. Renu warns her to mind her tongue. Nandita asks if Vardaan is really not her daugher. kumkum says Renu got Vardaan in shiv mandir. Renu says Vardaan is more than ther daughter.

Vardaan with great difficulty applies sindhoor behind Malay’s ear and frees her hand. In the morning, Nandita gives shagun thali to Malay and asks him to give it to Kalpana. Malay leaves. Kumkum asks Renu why did she send Malay to booth badi. Renu says if booth badi has evil powes, Malay will not enter it. They all watch standing in balcony. Apu from her balcony sees Malay coming holding thali. Malay is aboutto open door when he gets dizzy. Renu tells Nandita and Kumkum whtat Malay will not enter booth badi and will find reasons to go back. Malay looks at his mobile clock clicking 8:30 and returns back. Apu opens door and thinks why did Malay return back.

Kalpana gets busy decorating house for engagement. Kukmkum asks Renu how will Malay enter booth badi with sindhoor. Renu says engagement will not happen at all.

Precap: Vardaan hears Apu and Kalpana discussing that they will take revenge by killing Malay tonight.

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