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Vishkanya 16th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Kalpana asking Nandita to break Apu and Malay’s alliance if she does not trust her family. Kumkum says she trusts her family a lot, but Renu wanted to see her house. Kalpana asks why Renu came to steal in her house. Vardaan asks to behave with her mother. Kalpana asks why did she enter as thief. Nandita says she trusts Kalpana and family. Kalpana says she loves her dignity more than thhis relationship and will break it right now. Malay requests not to break alliance and scolds Renu for barging in like a thief. He says Apu’s family is his famil now and he will not tolerate anyone insulting them. Everyone walk out. Kalpana tells family that Renu wanted to know their secret but failed, in this process Malay came closer to Apu as he was taking their side.

After entering home, Malay scolds Kumkum and Renu, says he respects guests and does not want her to make any more blunders and leave peacefully after marriage. Renu packs her bags and asks Vardaan also to pack her bags. Vardaan walks towards Apu’s house. Malay writes sorry on cardboard and shows it to Apu from his room. He sees Vardaan walking towards Apu’s home and rushes to stop her.

Vardaan knocks Apu’s door. Apu opens and asks her to come in. She says after what mom did, she is hesitant to come in. She apologizes Apu on Renu’ behalf. Malay enters. Vardaan says she sent mom here to check as she felt Apu and Malay have evil shadow on them, she just wants them to be safe. Apu is shocked. Malay follows Vardaan home and calls her toofan. She says Veda. He asks if she really believes in black shadow and all. She says yes and she does not want their relationship to break. Malay says nobody can separate them. She says destiny is written by god and if they are made for each other, nobody can separate them and if not, nobody can unite them. He extends his hand and befriends her. She feels his hand and gets mesmerized again. He leaves and she looks at him eagerly.

In the morning, Renu and Vardaan get down with their bags and greet bye to Mittal family. Vardaan says she did not expect going hurt emotinally like this. Apu comes. Vardaan says she wanted to wish her bye. Malay also comes down. Apu asks Renu to stay back and go after blessing her in marriage. Vardaan says they will stay back. She then takes Renu to room and shows lemon which Renu kept at bhooth badi and says it turned black.

Precap: She tells her mum that her doubt was right..that is why she agreed to stay back. There is some black power for sure in that house and she won’t leave until she finds that out.

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