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Vishkanya 13th July 2016 Written Update

Vardaan checks Kalpana’s given herbs for Apu and finds a stinky paste along with neem and tulsi leaves. She gets nauseated with the smell and thinks what illness Apu is having, she cannot understand and trust her. She realizes that she has to perform aarti at temple, asks servant to give bag to Apu, and goes to temple with aarti. She holds lamp and it blows off. People scold her that she blew off lamp. She says she will light it again. Apu gets her bag and smiles looking at it. She goes to kitchen and sees Kumkum preparing food for Nandita yelling that Vardaan escaped today. Apu enters and Kumkum gets afraid at first seeing her and then orders her to prepare food if she wants to stay here. Apu prepares food smiling.

A lady holds Vardaan and says she touched something apavitra/inauspicious today, so lamp blew off. Vardaan reminisces touching Apu’s herbal concotion and says yes. Lady warns her not to eat anything made by apavitra lady. Vardaan runs towards home. Lady hides her burnt face. Apu takes food to Nandita’s room and tries to feed her forcefully. Vardaan comes running and sees Apu feeding her corn flakes and relaxes, asks what will she have. Apu says she has paranthas.

After sometime, Apu takes bath and wears Malay’s clothes. Malay asks why is she wearing his clothes. She says she washed her clothes and did not have anything wear, so she found his clothes. Vardaan fumes in jealousy seeing Apu wearing Malay’s clothes and says she will take Apu for shopping today.

Apu is busy in ktichen washing neem tulsi leaves. Vardaan comes and says she will take her for shopping as she is wearing old kurta. Apu says she likes this kurta. Vardaan says Malay told her and sends her to bring something. She then hurriedly picks ganga jal bottle reminiscing Apu falling ill before consuming gangajal mixed kheer and mixes gangajal in neem tulsi water. Apu comes back. Vardaan hides gangajal and says she will get her another kurta. Apu goes for a bath and steps in bathtub filled with neem tulsi leaves and water. Vardan standing outside thinks gangajal will expose Apu’s true colors today.

Precap: Apu turns blue and writhes in pain after bathing in gangajal mixed water. Vardaan thinks gangajal did it work and knocks door to let her in and check what happened.

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