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Vishkanya 12th May 2016 Written Update

Apu tells Vishal she told him to run, but he did not listen to her. He runs towards jungle. Sheremoves her tulsi/neem beed necklace and her body turns blue. She walks behind him. He runs and reaches cliff. She says he may escape falling from cliff, but her poison will kill him for sure. She reminisces Kalpana telling that Vishal who tried to kill didi bhai is here. Vishal jumps from cliff and dies. She calls Kalpana and tells their one enemy died. Kalpana says she will reach home soon. Apu breaks phone and throws it from cliff. Rasik asks Kalpana whose phone it was. She says Apu’s, Apu gave her best gift today. Rasik asks her to have lunch and go. Kalpana says some other day and leaves smirking. Kalpana reaches her home and prays god that her one enemy is dead. She plays shank happily.

Apu sees Malay walking towards car and thinks she has to reach car before him, else he will doubt her. She runs and sits in car. Malay comes and says goons escaped. She asks why he wants to risk his life. He says he is not worried about his life. She says she is and says let us go now, says drama has just started. He asks what she means. She says their marriage is just fixed and she got in trouble. He looks at her and asks if she loves him. She says if he did not listen when she told mom. He says she did not tell him directly. She says some things are better felt than told. He says he cannot win over her in talks.
They both reach temple. A cow nearby panics when Apu passes by and stops when she moves away. They both enter temple. Malay asks Pandit to perform a special pooja for them as they are getting married. Pandit asks them to bring 2 thalis. Malay says 1 is enough as they are becoming 1 soon and does not want any problem creeping. Apu says nothign will happen and nobody will come between them. A girl is seen entering temple. Hr face is shown repeatedly. She prays god that she finished saulvan somwar fasting and at least now should get an alliance, else her mom will not stop yelling.

Apu performs milk abhishek and prays god to help her take revenge. Girl’s mother is seen fighting with taxi driver over taxi fair and giving him 50 rs instead of 250 rs. Pandita asks Apu to go and feed cow and take its blessings. Apu walks down and girl’s mother sees her and thinks something is wrong with her and goes behind her. Apu goes near cow to feed grass when cow panics. Apu reminisces dog panicking at her home and silently leaves. Girl’s mother sees green dress girl and touches her. Girl turns and it is someone else. Apu is seen far away.

Girl rushes to temple and drops her pooja thali. Kumkum and other things fall on Malay and his shirt turns red. He asks what did she do. She says sorry and says even she incurred loss.

Precap: Girl’s mother likes Malay and asks girl what is boy’s name.

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