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Vishkanya 10th August 2016 Written Update

Kalpana with Nandita searches Kasturi’s pic to neighbor ladies and asks if they know her. Many ladies say no, one old lady sees pic and says she is the one who comes to kali maa temple for pooja everyday. They both then reach Kali temple. Kalpana sees them and asks what are they doing here and takes them to a tea shop. Kumkum falls asleep. Kalpana says she mixed sleeping pill in tea and asks Nandita why they came to temple. She tries to take Nandita’s purse to check what is in it. Nandita bites her arm and speeds her wheelchair. Kalpana runs and grabs purse, but Nandita holds speeding car and escapes. Kalpana checks purse and finds Nandita’s pic. Nandita holding Kasturi’s pic in hand thinks Kalpana spoilt her plan today, tomorrow will have to find old lady and meet her.

Vardaan drops pooja thali. Apu scolds Vardaan and bends to pick pooja items. Malay silently steals her neem-tulsi beed anklet. Vardaan thinks now Apu’s truth will be out in front of Malay. Goons surround them and on knife point threaten to give all their valuables. Malay gives his wallet and asks Vardaan and Apu to give their jewelries. Goons beat Malay and Apu warns them. Goons then hold Vardaan. Apu angrily pushes goon and scratches his hand. He falls down shouting in pain and his hand turns blue. Malay shouts what did she do. Police come and say dacoits are a menace in this area and they should leave from here right now. Goon pleads inspector to save him. Police takes him to hospital. Malay shouts again what did she do. Apu says she saved their lives and he should be happy. Apu sees her anklet missing and thinks before she turns blue, she has to get another anklet. She runs towards car and wears one in her purse silently. Vardaan gets disappointed that Malay could not see Apu’s secret. They return home.

Malay at home looks at Vardaan’s pics and reminisces their romantic moments. Vardaan also reminisces same. Malay reminsices Vardaan telling he will know Apu’s truth via Apu itself..and thinks he has to know Apu’s truth.

In the morning, Apu performs surya pooja. Sadhu comes begging. Apu identifies him meeting in temple and asks how come he is here. He says he is a wanderer and asks if she is happy that she is getting what she wanted. She says yes, she is getting back her love. He says she lost her love long ago and she will just marry a man and not his love now. Apu gets worried.

Precap: Kalpana asks why she wants to tell her truthto Malay. Apu says she is marrying Malay and if she hides her truth, it is like betraying him. Malay says they are marrying in 3 hours and she has to tell if she has hidden something from him.

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