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Udaan 8th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with inspector showing Bhaiya ji’s body. Suraj recalls how he got Bhaiya ji killed. Suraj sees the face and says this is not my Papa. Ranjana says it means Bhaiya ji is alive. Suraj asks how can he be alive, if he is alive, where is he. Inspector asks ward boy whats all this. Ward boy says its big mistake, Bhaiya ji’s body was burnt thinking its unclaimed body. Suraj scolds him. Tejaswini asks how can you be so irresponsible. Ranjana cries and says I could not see him for the last time. Suraj says whats this dangerous death, he just went without last rites done. Vivaan says Bhaiya ji can’t come back now and consoles Suraj. Suraj hugs him and smiles. Inspector gets the ashes and says its Bhaiya ji’s ashes. Ranjana takes it.

After 12 days, Bhaiya ji’s post death function is kept. Guests come and leave. Suraj looks at Chakor. Vivaan waits for Chakor and thinks why is she taking so much time. Chakor goes to meet Vivaan and Imli. Suraj hides and sees her going to Vivaan’s room. Chakor holds Imli’s hand. Vivaan says I m glad that our misunderstandings got cleared, but this happened after Bhaiya ji’s death. Chakor says yes, I have thought something. Suraj says Chakor would have planning to take divorce, but no, I will use her fame first and make her golden egg layer hen. He gets some message and smiles saying I was waiting for this. Chakor says we have no other option, we have to take divorce and get separated. Imli cries and says I don’t know what will happen next, I want Chakor and Vivaan’s future to be good, this is enough for me.

Chakor says Vivaan and I will marry after divorce, but Suraj will not accept Imli. Imli says I understood. Vivaan says we have to talk to Suraj. Chakor says we have to find who swapped the brides. Imli asks will Suraj agree to give divorce to Chakor. Vivaan says I hope so, Suraj regards Chakor his big enemy and he can’t spend life with her. Chakor says yes, Suraj has to agree and free me.

Suraj hides seeing Chakor and Imli coming out. He says they are smiling, its fine, your smile will vanish by my plan. Ranjana cries seeing Bhaiya ji and her pic. Vivaan goes to Ranjana and pacifies her. She says I m sad that I can’t help you. He says don’t worry, we all found the solution, divorce, I will give divorce to Imli and Chakor will give divorce to Suraj. Ranjana gets glad and smiles.

She says its good thing, but will Suraj agree. He says yes, how can anyone keep someone as wife forcibly, I was angry that day and did not listen to you, what were you saying. She recalls Suraj’s words and says nothing, I will wish you succeed in your plan. Vivaan goes to room. Imli gives his kerchief. She slips and he holds her hand. He asks why is she lost. She says I m thinking if Kasturi and Bhuvan know I m pregnant, it will be bad, I think I should tell them myself. He says right, don’t worry, Chakor and I are with you. She says I know, if I married Suraj, it would have been fine, but now things are different, maybe Kasturi won’t leave me alive when she knows. He asks her not to worry and act to be my good wife. She laughs. He says I m glad seeing you smiling, you proved you can become good wife. She asks how. He says I m getting everything on place which never happened before. She says you have good husband’s qualities. He says really, your sister does not feel so. They laugh. he says don’t worry, its matter of few days, everything will be fine. She says I wish you and Chakor have a good future.

Suraj says Bhaiya ji earned much money but gave everything to Vivaan. Chakor goes to him and asks for divorce. Suraj laughs and says so this was cooking there, you will marry Vivaan then right. She says its truth, we four should free each other by giving divorce, our marriage was a mistake, we should rectify it. He says but I don’t want to rectify it, I don’t want to give you divorce.

She says I don’t care. He says we will discuss this later, I have to tell you, I got to know you are not involved in my Papa’s murder, but I got to know who is involved, see this video carefully. Chakor gets shocked seeing the video of Imli aiming the gun at Bhaiya ji. Suraj says I will not leave my dad’s culprit.

Suraj asks Chakor to stay as his bonded wife if she wants to save her sister. Chakor cries.

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