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Udaan 8th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Imli asking Suraj did he go mad to make Prasad fall. Vivaan says Imli, this Prasad has poison to kill our baby. Ranjana asks who would do such bad thing. Vivaan says you both did this, you mixed the herb and I got to know about the herb, I rushed to Kasturi and found out the bad affects of the herb, Imli would lose her baby and would never become mum again. Imli gets shocked. Tejaswini acts innocent and says Ranjana said its herbal medicine and good for Imli, I don’t know anything. Vivaan asks Ranjana to answer.

Suraj asks Ranjana how dare she try to kill his child. Imli shouts Suraj, don’t be mistaken that this is your child, you refused to accept me and our child, now this child is mine and Vivaan’s. Vivaan asks Ranjana why did she do this, I got a selfless girl as my life partner, Ranjana could not seen them happy. He goes. Imli asks Ranjana what did she do this, she can’t make Imli leave from haveli. She says I will always stay in haveli till my husband is here. She goes.

Suraj goes to Ranjana and threatens her of not hurting his child. He gets angry and scolds her. Ranjana argues with him. He leaves angrily. She thinks Vivaan will not forgive me, and rushes to apologize to Imli. She asks Imli to forgive her. Imli says I m lucky to get a husband like Vivaan, who respects me a lot, but I can’t trust you again, you apologize to Vivaan, you broke his trust. Ranjana begs to them to forgive. Vivaan says its too late to apologize now, the baby did not open eyes in the world, but my eye are open, I can see well that you always snatched my happiness and never regarded me your child, so today I don’t regard you my mother. She says don’t say this. Vivaan asks Ranjana to leave. She goes crying. Vivaan shuts the door on her face.

The girl is with the villagers. Suraj and Chakor are on the way and talk about Imli. She says Vivaan will protect Imli and her child. She thinks who was that girl who came to haveli. The girl smiles seeing the food tiffin and runs away with it. The lady runs after her and asks why is she running away with her tiffin. The girl falls down infront of Suraj’s car. The tiffin calls. Chakor sees the girl’s bracelet and says she is the same girl. She asks girl is she fine. The lady comes and says she is thief. The girl says whats big issue if I had some food, I m not mad, I was hungry. Suraj says can’t you see such big car, what if you died.

Chakor says what would she do, she does not bear hunger and eats anything, right Ragini. Suraj asks Ragini. Chakor says yes, Ragini. She says I m Chakor, I identified her seeing this bracelet in her hand. Suraj checks the bracelet. Chakor says it has Rajvanshi’s family sign, Ragini used to eat anything when she got hunger. Ragini says you were always smart, you are right, I m Ragini. Suraj smiles.

Suraj and Chakor take Ragini now and do arrangements of her welcome. Suraj tells Tejaswini that its big surprise for her. Chakor asks Imli is she fine. Imli says yes, I m fine, my child’s father saved me, Vivaan. Girja gets the kheer and says I made this. Tejaswini gets angry and says I don’t like it, who asked you to make it. Suraj says its special day, have it today. Chakor asks Suraj did he make room ready. Suraj says yes, I told them to clean it, go and get the surprise.

Chakor gets Ragini. Suraj says here is your surprise. Tejaswini asks who is she. Ragini says you find it tough to identify me Maa. Tejaswini says Ragini… Everyone smile. Ranjana asks Ragini how is she and hugs her. Suraj asks Tejaswini why did she freeze, won’t she meet Ragini. Ragini hugs Tejaswini. Tejaswini thinks Ragini’s return is coincidence or sign of big storm approaching.

Tejaswini reads Ragini’s old letter that she is leaving and no one should try to find her. Ranjana asks Tejaswini why is she not happy seeing Ragini.

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