Udaan 7th September 2016 Written Update

Udaan 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 7th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor recalling Suraj and Imli’s words. She says I have got free now, no one can stop me from leaving haveli, I will take a free flight again. She smiles. Udaan hai…..plays…… Vivaan and Imli sit on the temple stairs. She asks why did you fight with Suraj. She says Chakor did not do wrong, we have misunderstood her. He says I heard everything, I loved her and did not trust her. She says her heart is very big. He says yes, she can forgive us, why did Suraj tell this to us now. She says don’t know, he said he loves me, I told him I don’t love him, he does not need to worry for me and my child, as my child has father, that’s you……

She says I mean you don’t need to be with me. He says its late come. She says no, I need to go home and tell truth to Kasturi and Bhuvan. He says I will come along. She says no, you go to haveli, I will need some time. Ragini’s men catch a lawyer. He asks her to leave him, his family is waiting. She shows the money and says this is for your profit. He asks what do I have to do. She says you have to fight Kamal Narayan’s case. He says he lost name, he has many crimes on him, its not easy to free him. She says even your name is bad, you are ready to sell law for money, will you take money or die. He says fine, I can’t guarantee I will win. She says you will win, I will make sure. He asks how, he is dead. She says it will be known.

Suraj waits for Chakor and says now I will free myself from this burden and then me and my win. Chakor comes and says I m not your bandhua. He says you are free now and can go anywhere, I know losing you is big los for me, I m ready to bear this loss, maybe this will be my repentance, I did very bad with you, maybe I deserve what Imli did to me.

Chakor says I m glad seeing the devil inside you has died, Imli’s love changed you, the good person in you have come out, my anger on you ended seeing this, I have forgiven you, I will go from here tomorrow morning. He says you did not hate me before also, like you show. She smiles and says you also did not hate me like you showed till now. He says we have to bring Ganesh idol in village, I m going there, I need blessings. He leaves. She says just one night more and then freedom.

Kasturi asks how did we make such big mistake. Kasturi, Bhuvan and Imli cry. Bhuvan asks did Chakor stay as Suraj’s bandhua because of you Imli. Imli says yes, she sacrificed her love for me, she did not wish anyone to point finger on me for getting pregnant before marriage. Kasturi says Lord will not forgive us, we have kicked out our daughter from our house, we did big mistake. Bhuvan says I have done her last rites when she was alive, how will we repent for our sin. Imli says you both can repent, you have to give place to Chakor in your heart again, now Chakor will not stay with Suraj in the haveli, you both come haveli in morning and take Chakor.

Its morning, Chakor packs her bags. Vivaan comes there and shows Chakor’s sketch with a sorry written. Saware……plays……………

Vivaan says I came to say sorry, for what all I told you, i have hurt your heart. She says no, I m not annoyed with you and Imli, you both did not know truth. Imli looks at them. He asks Chakor how is this sketch, I made this all night after Imli slept. She cries seeing her sketch. He says when you told me you love Suraj, I used to think every night why are you doing this, thank God all misunderstanding got cleared now, you are free now, you are going out of this haveli by leaving Suraj. Imli goes.

He says no one would have given such sacrifice for Imli, I m glad that I loved you. She thinks is Vivaan thinking he can accept me now, no what about Imli. She says you should not talk like this, did you show sketch to Imli. He says no I thought I will show her later. She says Imli has first right to see this. Imli recalls them and gets sad. she goes to temple and says Vivaan has made Chakor’s sketch by being awake all night, they both love each other and have right to stay together, but I also love Vivaan, I lost my love once, will I lose my love again. She cries.

Chakor says I have to meet Imli, I have to leave now. Vivaan asks can I ask something if you don’t feel bad, what did you think of future. She says I did not think anything yet, I just want to go away from Suraj and this haveli now, I don’t know where will I go. He leaves. She sees the sketch and cries, thinking Imli loves Vivaan and now there is no place for me in this house.

Imli asks Girja to tell driver to drop Chakor. Vivaan says I will drop her. Imli says I will come along. He says there is no place for you in the car, come in other car. He holds Chakor and leaves with her. Imli gets shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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