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Udaan 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Chakor refusing to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks jailer to take Chakor and punish her. Chakor is taken by police. Bhaiya ji asks jailer to kill Chakor. The jailer says don’t talk about violence today, it will be done, have patience. Chakor and Kusum are taken back to jail. Soham says how did Chakor come back. Tamasha says Chakor has morals and she may have surrendered. Chakor tells jailer that JJ and her friends did not do anything, she has run on her own. The jailer frees all of them. She thanks them.

Chakor and Kusum are put back in lockup. Kusum says she will not leave Chakor now. She gets angry on Chakor. FB shows Kusum requesting Madam to give her one chance. Madam praises Chakor and scolds her for cheating to win. She requests her to give her one chance and Madam starts leaving. Kusum fumes and hits Madam with the rod. FB ends.

Kusum tells Chakor that we will be enemies all our life, we can never become friends. She stares at Chakor angrily. Chakor gets shocked. The jailer sees Bhaiya ji worried and gives him tea. Bhaiya ji gives him 50 lakhs and asks him to kill Chakor. The jailer says I should do this work infront of everyone, so that blame does not come on me. He asks Bhaiya ji to read the marathon article. He says our worry will get away soon. He asks constable to get Chakor and Kusum.

Amma says she will leave from here, she has come to find her identity, but no one helped her, now she has no identity and Mumbai is better for her, people call her Amma there, who will have much bigger relation. She asks Kasturi to be strong, Chakor will come back, as she is also strong. Everyone meet Amma. Baa comes to meet Amma and gets to know she has gone.

The jailer tells Chakor and Kusum about marathon, he wants them to take part and win, if they both win, he will get them freed from here. Chakor asks jailer why is Bhaiya ji sitting in jailer’s chair. Kusum says why do we care and gives her name in marathon. The jailer asks Chakor will she take part for her mum’s sake. Chakor thinks of Kasturi. Bhaiya ji says Chakor will run, she can’t lose so soon.

He asks Chakor will she consider aspect. Chakor says she will be able to do nearly anything to avoid wasting her mum. The jailer states Great. He asks Chakor to organize for it. Bhaiya ji appears to be on. The warden gives them very good meals as These are taking part in race. Kusum eats and sees Chakor not eating. She asks what happened, I m going to win, give food items to me. Chakor says no, I will take in to fill my mum’s belly. They both equally try to eat the food items. The jailer will come there and asks them to win tomorrow, should they shed, they will be in jail all their existence. Chakor asks why did he not capture Bhaiya ji, as He’s legal. The jailer scolds her. He states you may’t even see your mum, I will continue to keep you in this article until Your loved ones dies. Chakor suggests do everything, I’ll conserve myself and my mum much too.

The warden asks Chakor and Kusum to race apply. The jailer whistles. Chakor operates.

Written Update By Sahir


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