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Udaan 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj calling Chakor his bandhua wife. She shouts no, and asks him to leave her alone. He reminds her that this is his room. She pushes him. He shouts wild cat, I have to teach you how to behave with your husband. She says my husband isn’t here, leave. Suraj goes. She shuts the door and cries. Its morning, Chakor recalls Vivaan. Saawre………..plays…………

Someone knocks the door. She says Vivaan and runs to open the door. She sees Suraj outside and her smile vanishes. She asks what do you want. He says I have to go to bathroom. She asks why, is there no other bathroom in this haveli. He asks are you mad, this is my room, my bathroom, all my necessary things are here. She asks him to leave soon. He says this is my room, I will take as much time as I want. He goes to bathroom. She recalls Vivaan’s words and wipes her sindoor. She asks him to come and see how she has cried and spent the night.

Vivaan says Chakor would have woke up, I have to talk to her. Imli comes and cries. She says I think we should talk to Chakor, I scolded her as Suraj told me wrong things. He says we should meet Chakor and decide what to do now, come. Chakor says Vivaan and Imli did not say wrong, they were also sad like me, I will explain them, I m sure they will get convinced, I will tell them who took me to mandap. She wonders who took her to mandap.

Vivaan and Imli come there. Vivaan says if Chakor is not here then… Imli says yes, Chakor won’t stay here with Suraj in same room. Vivaan says I will ask Suraj and knocks the door. Chakor hears Vivaan and rushes. Her dupatta gets stuck and she runs to open the door. She smiles seeing Vivaan and Imli.

Suraj comes from bath and holds Chakor’s dupatta which got stuck to the bed. Vivaan says Chakor, we had to talk to you. Chakor smiles. Vivaan and Imli see Suraj holding Chakor’s dupatta, the bed decorations messed and Chakor’s sindoor wiped. Chakor says I knew Vivaan you would trust me. Vivaan says I would have trusted you, if I did not see all this. Chakor asks what. He says I could not think you will fall so low. Chakor turns and sees Suraj holding her dupatta. She gets shocked.

Imli cries and says you are in same room with Suraj and in this state…. Chakor cries and says what nonsense, nothing such happened, how can you think. Vivaan says you want to make us neglect what we are seeing here, what reason will you give us to see you staying in Suraj’s room, your sindoor wiped, and semi naked Suraj holding your dupatta, we can’t ignore what we are seeing here. Chakor says you are thinking wrong, Suraj was not in this room at night, I opened the door as he had to go bathroom, trust me. She asks Suraj to tell them that he was not here at night and he just came here. Suraj says fine Chakor, if you are saying so, I will say this, but tell me, whats the use, everyone will believe that we are husband and wife, and we can do anything in our room, its good for them that you say truth, how long will you lie to keep their hearts. Chakor gets shocked and cries.

Chakor asks Suraj not to act. Vivaan says you are acting Chakor, I will never trust you now, you are a liar and cheater, I will never forgive you. Suraj shouts Vivaan, don’t say a word against Chakor, she is your Bhabhi now, stay in your limits else in won’t leave you. Chakor cries and swears on Vivaan to say that she loves him and she is just Vivaan’s. Suraj holds her hand and says don’t forget you are my wife now, if you announce you love someone else, what will people say. Vivaan leaves. Chakor asks Vivaan not to trust Suraj. Imli tells Chakor that you made my life hell, your sister Imli is dead for you. Imli congratulates Chakor for this new life with Suraj. She cries seeing them and leaves.

Chakor runs after Vivaan and asks him to stop. Vivaan leaves from the haveli while shutting the door. Chakor sees him and shouts for him. The door shuts till she reaches there. Chakor cries.

Chakor goes to Suraj and confronts him for lying. He asks what lie, it was our suhaagraat yesterday, was it a lie, they have come here and seen us together, leave them now, we have to spend long life together as husband and wife. She says you are wrong, I won’t stay here in this room, my parents are alive, I will go there and stay, but I will find out who is behind ruining three lives, who played this bad game, I will stay here till I find this. She wears her dupatta. Suraj smiles and says Chakor, I will cut your feathers that you can’t fly in this haveli, just see what I do with you. Chakor says Suraj and Tejaswini are showing right as I have Suraj’s name sindoor in my maang, I have to find out who is behind this wrong marriage game.

Chakor walks on the road, and thinks of Vivaan. It rains heavily. She cries thinking how Kasturi had shut the door on her face. Vivaan drives the car and sees her. He stops the car. She smiles seeing him.

Written Update by Amena

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