Udaan 4th October 2016 Written Update

Udaan 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 4th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to prove she is good wife. Chagan says even Imli is good wife for Vivaan. Suraj says fine, call Imli, we will keep competition between them. Chakor says I won’t compete with anyone. Suraj says but I have to do this, I will insult you so much today that you will get senses. He asks Chakor to come. He says we will decide whose wife is smart, we will ask them about their husbands, whoever answers right will be good wife.

He says we will start with haveli’s elders. He asks elders to ask Chakor about me and ask Imli about Vivaan. Chagan says its tough competition, its fun. Vivaan says I know Imli will win. Ranjana asks Chakor what does Suraj like in food. Chakor says Suraj likes aloo parathas. Chagan asks Suraj is this right answer. Suraj says no, I hate it. Chakor asks Suraj why are you lying. Suraj says why will I lie, do I want to lose, I want to win. Chagan asks Imli what Vivaan likes. Imli says Vivaan likes paneer parathas. Vivaan says yes, that too made by Imli. Everyone clap.

Tejaswini asks Chakor whats Suraj’s fav color. Chakor says black. Suraj says great, how do you know. Chakor says you can’t like any other color. Ranjana asks Imli. Imli says Vivaan likes green color. They clap. Chagan tells scores, Imli got 2 points and Chakor got 1, but ask any tough question.

Ranjana asks Chakor and Imli to say about mole on Suraj and Vivaan’s shoulder. Chakor says I don’t know. Imli tells about Vivaan’s mole on his left shoulder. Ranjana says its proved Imli is better wife, as she knows everything about her husband. Vivaan thanks everyone for coming and blessing them, we want you all to remember this date, we will celebrate every year, Imli said she knows my well, I want to tell something about her. Imli says leave it, no need to say. Vivaan says I will say what I feel bad of Imli. Chagan says she does not have anything bad. Vivaan says she calls me Vivaan Babu, I feel like I m clerk. He asks Imli to call him just Vivaan. Kasturi says I could not take Bhuvan’s name till now.

Suraj says Vivaan Babu praised his wife, I have to praise my wife now. He says if my wife was good, I would have won, but Chakor is a bad wife, she is not a love dream, she is a horrible dream, Chakor always spies on me, she always taunts me, did she cook food for me ever, no, we are husband and wife, but just for name, we don’t have any relation, mentally or physically, if she became my wife, she would have known where is mole, ask Chakor, did she sit near me or talk to me, did she give me any happiness, so the thorn garland which I have worn myself, I will throw it, this Chakor is not suitable to become anyone’s wife, so I will give her divorce. They all get shocked. Imli tells something to Chagan. Chagan tells everyone that Suraj is joking. Suraj leaves.

Imli asks Chakor not to feel bad of Suraj’s words, he was joking, ignore it. Suraj goes out and thinks of Vivaan and Imli. He drinks. He walks on the road. A man stops the car as Suraj comes in between. He calls Suraj mad and scolds him. He asks Suraj to leave. Suraj throws the wine bottle and asks the man to come out. Suraj pushes the man and aims gun. The lady and girl cry. The man asks him to take car and money, forgive me, listen to me, I did not know you. The lady shouts for help. Suraj says do you think I m thief to take jewelry.

Chakor sits sad. Imli and Vivaan come to her. Imli pacifies Chakor and asks her to have food. Chakor says Suraj is saying right, I did not become good wife. Vivaan asks her why are you feeling bad, we all know how he became your husband. Imli feeds Chakor. Chakor says its enough. Imli goes to get sweets. Vivaan sits with Chakor and asks her not to think about Suraj, forget him, when you give him divorce tomorrow, your new life will begin, go for holidays. Imli comes and sees them together. She sees Vivaan holding Chakor’s hand and feels bad. She asks Vivaan to move, let me feed sweets to Chakor. She sits between them.

Vivaan says fine, feed her sweets. Tejaswini comes and says I have with you all, its Navratri puja tomorrow, we will place Kalash. Girja says all things came, except Kalash. Ranjana says because this time I got kalash, Imli will place kalash. Vivaan smiles. Tejaswini looks on. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini that Chakor will leave, and just Imli will be there. She asks Imli to keep kalash and sends her. Tejaswini thinks this is good chance. She says Suraj did not come home, whom to send to call Suraj, I will go and see. Chakor says no, where will you go at this time, I will go. Chakor leaves. Tejaswini thinks my plan is working, I will hit when metal is hot. Ranjana says it will be Chakor’s last day tomorrow, and Navratri’s first night. Tejaswini says tomorrow will show that.

Suraj scolds the man and says I m Suraj Rajvanshi, everyone used to be scared of me, then I fell in love and wanted to change, I tried to make everyone like me, but don’t know I just got pain after becoming good, I forgot that bad man is always bad, your family is unlucky to meet me now, I will become so bad that world will shake up by my name, I will kill you. He loads the gun. Chakor looks for Suraj and asks people. The lady apologizes to Suraj. Chakor says I m scared when Suraj goes out, he does anything wrong, he wants to become devil. Lady says we will ever come here, leave us. Suraj aims the gun.

The lady prays to save them from this mad man. Suraj says we will see which Lord saves you. Chakor comes there and aims gun at Suraj to stop him.

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