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Udaan 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Bhagya not acquiring snooze. She will get thirsty and sees water jug empty. She sees the bridal gown in her cupboard and hugs it, recalling Arjun as well as their marriage which stopped midway. She goes out and sees Absolutely everyone sleeping. She goes out in the gate. Babu’s goon will get All set and covers his experience using a mask. He goes to Chakor’s academy. Chakor says she has stomach ache immediately after having a lot of foods. She recalls in FB that Kasturi accustomed to make Imli walk a great deal to digest the foods. She claims the foods will get considerably less and burp will appear because of the strain. Imli says I m fantastic now. Chakor sees Geetha sleeping with her leg tied and recollects her leg tied when she was bandhua. She states is she bandhua and frees her leg. She receives her black thread and will not pick it seeing Geetha relocating. She says she is going to consider it afterwards and goes out in the space.

Bhagya concerns meet up with Arjun. He will get shocked looking at her in the evening. She claims she likes him. He asks what exactly is she performing here, at the moment, on your own. Kangan arrives and smiles viewing her. Kangan welcomes Bhagya. Arjun claims you happen to be most welcome, it’s not time to come, did you notify any one at home. Bhagya suggests no. Arjun says Absolutely everyone will fear in your house, this is poor. Kangan suggests Permit her sit, she will go in early morning. Arjun suggests no, what will villagers explain to, I will simply call haveli to ship her back again. He phone calls haveli and Baa goes to take the connect with. The decision ends and Arjun says no one is taking contact, I’ll drop her. Kangan states she will go in early morning. He suggests Will probably be significant challenge, he will never like if any individual points on Bhagya. Bhagya turns. Arjun provides his tshirt fabric and asks her to come back. Bhagya retains his tshirt and goes with him.

The goon comes in the home and sees other women. He goes from there on not discovering Chakor. Geetha starts off sleepwalking and goes out. Arjun asks Bhagya to carry him or maybe the bicycle, else she will slide, the street is having pits. She falls down and receives hurt. He suggests he has informed her to carry him. She begins crying and sees the blood. Arjun asks her to quiet down, he is there together with her. He makes her sit there. She states she received damage. He can take care of her and claims He’ll do the support. He addresses her wound. He asks is she experience fine. She smiles. He claims acquire relaxation, sit in this article and waits there. He sees the time and sees she is experience cold. He addresses her together with his jacket and makes her sit near the fireplace., Bhagya smiles.

He states he will fall her to haveli and goes to maintenance his bicycle, which fell down. Arjun states bicycle is not starting off, he will Look at. He states I believe its not working. He sees Bhagya smiling with eyes shut and smiles. Chakor isn’t having rest and walks about the terrace. She receives stunned seeing the goon’s shadow.

Arjun retains Bhagya and they’ve got an eyelock. Banjare ko ghar……plays……….. Manohar and Lakhan come there with goons. Manohar scolds Arjun and beats him.

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