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Udaan 4th December 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Anandi showing Nimboli’s pic and asking people about her. Chakor takes care of Nimboli. Bhaiya ji comes there and sees them. Anandi asks a man about Nimboli. The man tells her that this girl came in Kanha ji’s temple. Vivaan sees Chakor and talks to her to celebrate Chunni’s departure. She says she won’t do party, she has work. He asks why did she say this. She thinks to run away. Chakor tries waking up Nimboli. Bhaiya ji thinks his doubt is right, its Chakor. Chakor makes some leaf juice and makes Nimboli have it. He gets more sure. Nimboli wakes up. Chakor says you got fine.

Nimboli thinks its Chakor’s, not Chunni. Bhaiya ji says everyone knows about Chakor, except me. Chakor gets tensed seeing Bhaiya ji doubting her. She says till Nimboli’s family comes, how can I leave her alone. Bhaiya ji says I will sit in car. Anandi, Kamla and Mangla come there. Anandi hugs Nimboli and sighs relief. Nimboli says her fever went by Chakor’s medicines. Bhaiya ji thinks this girl looks much changed, she looks Chakor. Anandi thanks Chakor for saving Nimboli.

Mangla says she was worried, how can Nimboli go without saying them. Nimboli says she had to pray and talk to Kanha ji. Kamli says Nimboli’s fever can get high, we should take her home. Nimboli asks Chakor to take care and thanks. Chakor asks her to take care too. Anandi tells Chakor that her relation with Nimboli is not strong that Nimboli accepts her on saying truth. She says I m afraid that I lose everything to get more, you know how much Nimboli hates her mother. Chakor says Nimboli is still sad, it would be good if you tell the truth. You helped Nimboli, I will pray Lord always helps you. She asks Chakor to take care and leaves.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor how her sympathy got high for stranger. Chakor says I met Nimboli in Chath puja, I wanted her bangle, did my sympathy look true, I got chance to steal this, see this gold bangle. She recalls how Nimboli told Chakor that Bhaiya ji is doubting her, and gave her bangle to lie to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says his doubt was changing, but this bangle did problem.

A person sells the churan that will help people today receiving rid of wine dependancy. Chakor hears this and remembers Bhuvan. She thinks Bhuvan wants this churan, but how to obtain this infront of Bhaiya ji.

Chakor claims she has to produce persons guaranteed that she is Chunni. He asks who uncertainties you. She says Chakor’s family uncertainties on me. He says I did not see Kasturi doubting. Chakor claims but is she knows then… he states no person need to know. She claims there is one method to make them imagine, I must do some thing which a daughter can do. He asks her never to Consider, he also has intellect, He’ll Assume. She says she has an idea. She says she can get this churan and make Bhuvan’s wine addiction go, then they may feel I m Chakor. He says no, I would like Bhuvan to become addicted.

She asks him to Believe his earnings. He agrees and offers him money. She goes to The person and asks Is that this churan really handy. He says its magical. Bhaiya ji thinks this girl may be very clever, but I m also intelligent, I’ll choose opportunity to see is this Chakor or Chunni. Chakor purchases the churan. Bhaiya ji normally takes the churan and suggests so This really is your magical churan. He sends Chakor absent and leaves in the vehicle. He says if This really is Chakor, she’s going to operate following the car or truck to choose this churan.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor at haveli before him, and asks how did she come so soon, tell me the truth. She gets tensed.

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