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Udaan 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with JJ making Chakor and Kusum sit in the big box. Bhaiya ji and jailer come there. The jailer tells about the magic show. Chakor asks Kusum to remove the chain, she has to go to her mum. JJ opens the box and says its magic, the kids disappeared. The warden asks where did the kids go. She tells jailer that JJ made Chakor disappear. The jailer and Bhaiya ji are shocked. JJ says this is my magic. The warden says Kusum was with her. Bhaiya ji asks whats happening. The jailer scolds JJ. JJ says I m just a magician, kids disappeared. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is expert in running.

Sunny, Soham and Tamasha see Bhaiya ji and say this is Kamal Narayan, he looks dangerous. Bhaiya ji says he wants to get Chakor. They all see the box opened and the way through the underground pipe. The jailer asks Bhaiya ji not to worry. The wardern arrests JJ and Taporis.

Baa asks Savitri to explain Nayantara that Bhaiya ji will not like this if she stays here and asks her to give some money to Nayantara. Amma says I love kids so I got them, mum’s heart is not of stone. Baa cries. Baa asks Savitri to understand and send Nayantara. Chakor requests Kusum to leave her. Kusum opens the chain. Chakor says I m going to my mum. Kusum says I did not come to go jail, I will run away with you. Chakor asks what, this is wrong, I will come back after meeting my mum. Kusum leaves. Chakor asks her to come back and thinks to stop Kusum. She says Kusum did crime, she can’t go like this. She asks Kusum not to run and stop. The police follow them. The jailer sees them running and smiles. Bhaiya ji asks him to catch them. The jailer says don’t worry, they will not go anywhere.

Chakor holds Kusum’s hand and stops her. Kusum asks her to leave her hand. Chakor says this is wrong. Chakor says I won’t leave you. They get shocked seeing jailer there. Bhaiya ji comes there and smiles seeing Chakor. Chakor gets shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor why does she always run. Chakor says I want to go Aazaadgunj, else my mum will die. He says he has come to take her Aazaadgunj. She refuses to go with him. He asks her to give statement and clear her name from this case, and tell media that she lied. He asks her will she agree, then he will make her meet Kasturi.

Baa apologizes to Bapu for forgetting his birthday. Bhagya states you didn’t comply with your heart. Baa asks what does she mean. Vivaan states you are aware of you don’t lie. Bhagya claims Chakor is undergoing challenging time, still she is happening route proven by you, you didn’t did proper with Bua. Baa asks who. Vivaan suggests Amma ji, why did you mislead her which you don’t know her. Bhagya asks Baa not To achieve this with Bua, she’s accomplishing what Bhaiya ji did with her. Baa cries. Vivaan claims you might have usually walked on right path, how could you try this. Bhagya asks Baa to inform Bua their relation. Ragini suggests Sure, Papa is undesirable, not you. Baa claims I m incredibly negative and cries. Chakor refuses to conform to Bhaiya ji. She suggests she will inform the reality of organ racket. He will get offended and states good, I have some ways to shut your mouth. He asks jailer to take Chakor and shut her in smaller lockup. Chakor is taken away.

The jailer tells Chakor and Kusum that they’re going to regret because they didn’t operate, and asks them To participate in marathon, he desires them to acquire, then He’ll cost-free them. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor will she run in race.

Written Update By Sahir


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