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Udaan 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Chunni seeing Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji closes eyes and thinks he shall sleep, as there is no ghost. Chunnu opens the chains from his legs. She thinks he is same man whose pic came in newspaper. Bhaiya ji wakes up and says that girl too my chain. The man says you got freed, you also run. Bhaiya ji comes outside and looks for her. Few guys see Bhaiya ji and sees the newspaper. The guy takes knife and walks to Bhaiya ji. Manohar catches him and slaps the guy. He scolds the guy. Bhaiya ji says Chakor was here. Manohar says he will kill himself if Bhaiya ji takes Chakor’s name again. Manohar says he lost the bag. He gets worried. Bhaiya ji says I just threw the knife away.

Chunni says they lost 1 lakh rs which they would have got by catching the old man. The guys say we can check the bag, its heavy. They get glad seeing much money in the bag. Chunni says let me think why did that old man call me Chakor. Tamasha fights with Bhaiya ji’s servant. Amma says leave it, we will go back to Mumbai, we had peace and happiness there. Sunny says we came here for Chakor, not to enjoy. Tejaswini asks Amma to leave, Baa scolds Tejaswini and Ranjana, and says Nayantara will not go from here, she is my daughter and will stay here till she wants, I have more right on this haveli than Kamal and Manohar. Amma smiles. Baa asks servants to keeo bags back in the room.

Amma tells Baa that Bhaiya ji accepted he has killed Satya, Ishwar and Chakor. Baa says I know, so I have come back. Amma apologizes to her and hugs her mother. Baa says who gothim punished, Chakor’s ghost? She laughs and asks about Choka. They smile.

Chakor makes a shade for Kasturi, while she is sleeping in open. Imli and Dadi smile. Dadi asks who is he to do so much for them. Chakor says I m Choka. She plays with Imli. A girl says Baa has come back. Chakor says I will leave. Imli asks Choka to take her. Baa gives some gift to Choka and says you also believe in Bapu, wear this cap and show me, let me see how you look. Amma, Sunny, Soham and Tamasha get tensed.

Chakor claims I will don later. Baa asks about Chakor’s ghost. It Chakor claims Of course, Bhaiya ji has approved his crimes, but he said he has killed lots of significant folks, I believe he is performing to get mad. Baa claims Certainly, Kamal can’t get mad, he is producing Other individuals mad, but he explained correct, he said reality that he has killed Bapu, he intended he has killed reality and claims how he has killed all The nice items.

At Delhi, Manohar publications a home within the resort and desires a space at peaceful corner. The supervisor states he will require much more rent. Manohar states don’t concern yourself with money, but I missing my wallet. The manaher claims he would like progress. Bhaiya ji provides his charge card and asks him to swipe the card, he isn’t mad, He’s Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, MP of Aazaadgunj. Manohar states I will get luggage and goes out. Chunni operates Together with the bag and collides with Manohar. Manohar will get shocked observing her.

The law enforcement arrives there to capture mad male and takes Manohar. Bhaiya ji asks exactly where are they getting Manohar. Chunni talks to him and asks does he want to satisfy his brother, then feature her.

Written Update By Sahir


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