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Udaan 29th October 2015 Written Update

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Bhaiya ji taken in the van. Kishor tells the villagers that Bhaiya ji is taken to mental hospital. They all get glad. Imli says this is very good news, Bhaiya ji was sending my mum to mental hospital and he has gone. They all get happy and want to go haveli. Kasturi runs to the van and throws stones at Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says she is mad woman. Imli looks for Kasturi and comes to haveli. She asks guard did he see Kasturi. He says she is not here. He says she has gone to mental hospital with Bhaiya ji. He laughs.

Chakor scolds him and asks why is he laughing. Imli tells Chakor that her mum is missing. Chakor asks what, where did my mum go, I mean your mum. Imli says I got her to show Bhaiya ji’s bad state. Chakor says she will help Imli in finding Kasturi. They run out to find Kasturi.

Kasturi says she will kill Bhaiya ji, as he has killed Chakor. He gets hurt and gets angry. The hospital staff laugh on him. Bhaiya ji scolds them and asks them to catch Kasturi and take her along. Chakor and Imli come there. Chakor asks Imli to take Kasturi, and she will manage the staff guys. She fools them saying Bhaiya ji will run, you will lose job, manage him first, then catch her. Bhaiya ji asks them to run after Kasturi. Chakor says see his plan to run away. They believe Chakor and go to van. Bhaiya ji calls them useless.

Imli and Chakor bring Kasturi back to village. Everyone praise Choka. Kishori says Chakor has taken birth as Choka. Kasturi looks at Choka. Imli says yes, Choka’s height is like Chakor, you look like Chakor if you remove this cap and holds the cap. Chakor stops Imli and makes excuse. The men come to stop the van and protest in Bhaiya ji’s favor. They air some white gas there and police could not see anything. Bhaiya ji runs away and Tiwari gets shocked.

Ranjana scolds the servants. Tejaswini comes and says Bhaiya ji got mad, not me, stay in your limits. Amma comes and asks both of them to be in limits, as she also has a right on this haveli, she won’t let them divide. Tejaswini gets a call and is shocked. Ranjana asks what happened. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji has run from police custody.

Chakor talks to Aditya and says she needs to be Choka, she is sure Bhaiya ji is performing to become mad. Aditya asks what. Chakor suggests if he knows I m Chakor, then He’ll eliminate all villagers in anger. He says ideal. She suggests why is Bhaiya ji performing to be mad. He claims he is doing acting to not get punished, as mad gentleman isn’t going to get punished, he has confessed crimes and then took huge names to act mad, so Tiwari reported he can’t punish Bhaiya ji in mad point out. She recalls Bhaiya ji’s habits and claims you made me guaranteed Bhaiya ji is acting, I will carry his reality out.

Chakor usually takes Kasturi inside the house and asks her to find out her dwelling. She states Kasturi utilized to sit listed here and Examine rice. Imli asks how do you know this.

Written Update By Amena


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