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Udaan 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi giving good statement for Bhaiya ji. Chakor gets shocked. Kasturi says Bhaiya ji is very good man, he is caring and does not let us worry. The official asks are you saying in any pressure. Chakor says yes, there is some pressure on her. She asks Kasturi why is she not saying truth. Kasturi says I m saying truth, Bhaiya ji is good person. The officer says I think all the blames on Bhaiya ji are baseless, village appears so good and none is complaining against him. Suraj and Bhaiya ji smile. Bhaiya ji says I said the same, media blames without knowing anything. The officer says sorry, and thanks for giving your valuable time. The media leaves. Imli goes to Suraj. Suraj says you proved again, that you are trust worthy, you will get a prize. Imli asks what is the need. Suraj gives her chocolates and asks her to keep working well. Imli cleans the car door. Suraj leaves with the goons. Imli smiles. Chakor looks on.

Chakor hugs Kasturi and says I know everything why you said this. Kasturi asks her to leave, they will always remain bandhua. Chakor says no, I will fail Bhaiya ji by some other way. She stares at Bhaiya ji angrily. She asks Kasturi to go home now.

Chakor goes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji takes a doll from little girls and asks Chakor what did she say. He acts like Chakor and laughs. He crushes the doll. Chakor says the doll got fine again. He gets angry and stops seeing the officer. The officer says we had some work with Chakor. He asks Chakor to give her autograph. She smiles. The officer says my daughter is your big fan. Bhaiya ji says yes, she will give autograph, she is our village star. The man says she is pride of country, be careful that she does not have any complains. Bhaiya ji says yes, I will keep her well. The officer says keep my card Chakor and call me if needed.

Chakor asks Bhaiya ji did he hear it. Bhaiya ji says I know whats tough and whats not. He leaves. Chakor says I will erase this bandhua sign, its not on my soul.

Ranjana shows Vivaan his drawings he made for Chakor. Vivaan checks the drawings. He tears the paintings and says I hate it, I did not make all this. He listens music. Tejaswini comes there and argues with Ranjana. Vivaan leaves annoyed. Ranjana tells Tejaswini that she will not bear this, now Chakor has bring out Vivaan from Tejaswini’s clutches. Tejaswini says that Chakor who is Bhaiya ji’s biggest enemy and have come here to ruin him, decide well, you are on Chakor’s side or Bhaiya ji’s. Ranjana says I know, but Chakor can’t do anything to Bhaiya ji, maybe Chakor can make Vivaan fine. Tejaswini thinks I will use this against you and leaves.

Chakor talks to Kasturi and asks her not to say anything against Imli. Imli gives candy to Chagan and he refuses for it. He asks did she risk Chakor’s life for chocolate, Chakor is your sister, don’t you love her. Imli argues and says I will leave. Chagan asks her to grow up. Imli says Chakor is not my sister and shouts. Chakor comes and pulls her ears. Chakor talks to Imli. Imli aims gun at her. Chakor shows the bullets and says your gun is empty. She asks when did Imli take gun while playing with dolls, you have taken wrong path. Imli says yes. She complains how Chakor left them and run away. Chakor hugs her and cries.

Chakor, Aditya and media come to haveli. Chakor asks them to take Bhaiya ji’s pic, saying they got happy knowing Bhaiya ji will dig 10 wells in village now. He gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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