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Udaan 28th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Imli to fulfill Chakor’s place. Kasturi runs out with food plate and asks Chakor to come and eat the food, she has cooked her fav food, and cries. She says you are hiding, fine I will keep plate here, eat food and keep plate back. Imli asks Dadi what is Kasturi doing, how will Chakor come here. Dadi asks Imli to do as she says, and eat the food kept for Chakor. Kasturi closes eyes and stands. Imli eats the food quickly. She runs from there. Kasturi sees the food plate empty and says Chakor has eaten the food. She gets glad.

Amma asks Dadi why did she lie and play with Kasturi’s love. Dadi explains why she did this. Amma says we should tell truth Arjun. Arjun says no use, Kasturi will believe just Chakor, no one else, I will call Rocky and ask him to make Chakor talk to Kasturi. Amma says this would be good. Chakor sees the moon and talks. She says she is eager to meet Kasturi, after facing so much.

Its night, Rocky meets the jailer and talks about Chakor. The jailer says this is not any school where kids can talk to parents. Rocky says Chakor’s mum is unwell, please make her talk to her mum. The jailer refuses. Rocky says fine, I will leave. He puts money on the table and pretends as if he is looking for his car keys. The jailer smiles seeing the money. Rocky says I got my keys, I will leave. The jailer says your money. Rocky says mum my died and left so much money, I don’t know where to spend. He bribes the jailer. The jailer agrees and calls Chakor. Chakor gets glad to know Rocky has come to meet her.

Kasturi appears to be at the moon and cries speaking. Kasturi claims she will find Chakor, she’ll sing lullaby and she or he is bound Chakor will occur infront of her. Arjun and everybody glimpse on. Rocky phone calls Arjun and says Chakor is with me, make her speak to her mum He says jailer gave us much less time, you determine what to state. Kasturi sings Chale Chakori……… Arjun relates to Kasturi and keeps the mobile phone there. Chakor hears this and gets unfortunate. Kasturi cries and recalls Chakor.

Chakor claims Maai Maai… on the mobile phone. Kasturi hears it and phone calls out Chakor. Chakor states she is on phone. Chakor claims she is in Mumbai. Kasturi asks why is she teasing her. Chakor swears she is in Mumbai and says she’s studying in this article, she is in school. Kasturi scolds her and asks her to come back, does she not skip her mum. She claims return, else I will die. Chakor suggests I am able to’t return. Kasturi suggests she won’t try to eat food stuff until Chakor will come back and cries. Chakor says you could’t do this. Rocky asks what transpired, what did Kasturi say. Chakor suggests Kasturi will die if I don’t go there. She asks jailer to Permit her go to her mum, she will do every one of the function, she’s going to teach folks in this article. Rocky says I’ll endeavor to Obtain your bail shortly. He asks jailer to try and do some thing, He’ll fall Chakor back again.

The jailer asks what transpired to her mum, any major sickness, I can’t depart her, she has murder circumstance, Rocky can go now. Chakor asks Rocky that will help her. Rocky claims don’t stress Chakor. Chakor claims you should let me go, its imp. The jailer sends her back. Chakor shouts that her mum will die. Rocky asks jailer to understand, He’ll give him more cash. The jailer returns the money and claims That is Sher Singh’s jail, all Young ones are criminals below. Rocky will get unhappy. All people inquire Kasturi to have foodstuff. Kasturi refuses. All of them test to produce Kasturi have food items. Kasturi suggests Chakor will appear, if she cares for me.

She claims Chakor won’t care for me, so Imli didn’t appear. Lakhan asks whats all this. Kasturi states when Chagan did not arrive, how were being you crying, did I tell you anything at all. Bhuvan says don’t Assume so. Kasturi says adequate, you all go household. Bhuvan says Permit her be on your own below and sends the villagers. Kasturi cries. Chakor looks with the moon and suggests I’m able to’t explain to Kasturi where I m, manage my mum. Kasturi seems to be within the moon and prays to receive Chakor. She suggests inform me where by is Chakor, till Chakor will come, I will sit right here and see the moon. Chakor can make a decision about me. She cries and sits by yourself. Chakor goes to slumber. Its early morning, Chakor wakes up and warden scolds her. She asks Chakor to acquire up. Chakor claims she will never do any perform, till she won’t meet up with her mum. She says she is going to come back and claims her. The warden scolds her and says do all function. Chakor refuses. The person suggests Chakor is termed to discover the goons. The warden says she will not likely recognize instead of get them punished.

Chakor claims I will occur. Babu, Munna as well as the goons occur there. The inspector asks Chakor to view them and detect the goons, They are going to be severely punished for marketing the kids’ organs. Chakor recollects Babu and Some others. She states they have got taken my friends from Aazaadgunj and took their organs. The inspector arrests the goons and many thanks Chakor. Chakor claims but Bhaiya ji is not below, he is also associated.

The inspector says Bhaiya ji…. If He’s involved with this enterprise, he will be punished as well, we must lay big entice to catch him, if we get help from you and Other folks, we are going to be happy. Chakor asks can she go now, her mum is unwell. She says she would like to drop by Azaadgunj and requests him. The inspector says it’s not in my hand, until enquiry is completed, it is possible to’t go. Chakor remembers Kasturi’s phrases and receives unhappy.

Chakor tries to run away from the jail. Soham, Sunny and Tamasha help Chakor. Kusum sees this and gets shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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