Udaan 28th November 2016 Written Update

Udaan 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 28th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor shooting at Ragini. Ragini falls down. Chakor and Suraj take Yadav and leave. Suraj says I did not know you will shoot Ragini. Chakor says I shot just to stop her. Ranjana informs Bhaiya ji that Ragini got injured, Chakor and Suraj took the jailer with them. He asks where did they take jailer. She says don’t know. He thinks this did not happen good, now Chakor will get evidence. Imli says I m going to protect Suraj and Chakor, its imp. Vivaan stops her and says I want to live a normal life with you, I don’t want all these bad things, you are inviting troubles, you went and poured water in the havan kund, I want to have a peaceful life, I want you to have small Imli in hand, not this gun. She says my dreams are same as yours, I will try not to touch gun till I need it, I promise. He says I don’t want anything to hide between us, we should know what is in our hearts. She says yes, but I did not hide anything. He says you have hidden that you met Raunak for my job.

She says forgive me for that, actually I can’t see you sad, so I went to talk to Raunak. He says fine, I understand, but never hide anything, don’t scare anyone by gun. She nods. Chakor tells Yadav that this is Bhaiya ji’s old factory, its safe place to hide you, no one will doubt on you, have these biscuits, you maybe hungry. Yadav eats biscuits. He says they has killed my family, my innocent son, my wife, he ruined everything, I did everything what they said. Suraj says its because of Chakor’s goodness, if she has allowed me to kill Bhaiya ji and Ragini, some innocent people would have got saved. She says its not time to fight. Yadav says I will not leave Bhaiya ji and his daughter, I will put them in jail. Chakor says we also want this, but we have no proof. He says I have proof, Bhaiya ji and Ragini burnt the papers, I have the recording, Bhaiya ji’s men accepted the crime.

Chakor asks how can we get the recording. He says its in my house, they can never get it, get that recording, it will be enough to put them in jail. She asks where is your house. He writes the address. Suraj says you stay here, I will go. Yadav says wait, you don’t go, if they find me then, let Chakor go, no one will doubt on her. Chakor says he is saying right, if Ragini’s goons know, it will be problem, I will go and get recording. Suraj says I will go now, I m not scared of Ragini’s goons. She asks why are you adamant, you can protect jailer better than me, so let me go, you stay here, its not big thing to get recording. Suraj agrees.

Chakor asks Suraj to understand, I have to go haveli now, I will go to Yadav’s house is morning. Suraj says Bhaiya ji will be waiting for you in haveli. She says don’t think much. He says you want to have a good sleep on bed, that’s why you want to go haveli. She leaves. He says Yadav also slept, where will I sleep now. Chakor goes to haveli.

Bhaiya ji makes her fall and holds her. He says I have to know something from you. The lights come. Goons aim gun at Chakor. Chakor says I thought you will ask about jailer Yadav first. He asks where are Suraj and Yadav. She says I know where they are, but why do you think I will tell you about them. He holds her neck and says I will kill you today, tell me where are they, I will not give you another chance to send me to jail. Ranjana comes and gets shocked. Vivaan and Imli come and also get shocked. They rush to Bhaiya ji and ask him to leave Chakor. Vivaan says if anything happens to Chakor, what about you. Bhaiya ji says I will kill her and go jail. He suffocates Chakor.

Chakor hits his foot and he leaves her neck. She coughs and takes a breath. He raises hand to slap her. She holds his hand and smiles. He asks did you get mad, why are you laughing.She says you have fear on your face, Suraj and Yadav are fine, of you kill me, all of your survival chances will end. Bhaiya ji gets angry. She says you and Ragini can’t get Suraj or Yadav ever. They all go. Bhaiya ji asks his men to find Suraj, I want Suraj and jailer Yadav here. Ranjana gets water for him. He throws the glass angrily and says I will not go jail because of Yadav, I will do what I thought, where is Suraj…. He shouts angrily.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and says Ragini will go after Suraj to take revenge, she will kill him, I don’t want Suraj to die. Ranjana says what, you wanted him to die. Bhaiya ji says I will punish him. He asks men to get the things. He shows Suraj’s big picture and bandhua stamp. He says I will give him such life that will be worse than death, he will be my bandhua. He stamps on Suraj’s pic and starts laughing. Ranjana smiles.

Vidya Sinha becomes part of the show. Chakor and Vidya will come together.

Written Update by Amena

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