Udaan 27th October 2016 Written Update

Udaan 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 27th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor meeting Bhaiya ji. She says you told me to take decision, I have decided, there can’t be any compromise between us, I will try my best to find out how you came out of jail. Ragini asks her to talk with manners with the village’s owner. Chakor signs her to stop. She says you also don’t know with whom are you talking, so I was telling Bhaiya ji that I had no idea how to deal with him, but thanks for reminding me, I have my biggest weapon, that’s media, if you point finger at me, the media will get after you like hungry wolves, I m a sports star and you are culprit who served punishment in jail, I hope you understood me, happy Diwali, have a good day. She goes.

Bhaiya ji says this girl was dangerous before and now got more dangerous, if media gets any wrong news about me, they will get after me like hungry wolves, she is right, Diwali party news should not reach village, who knows any reporter is hiding in village, Suraj’s death should be like no one doubts, people should think Suraj died by accident. Ragini asks id Suraj died by accident, he was guilty to try to kill his dad. He laughs and says you are like me, just beard and moustache are missing, great. He hugs her. He says let Suraj reach haveli once, then I will manage.

Vivaan thinks when every husband gifts wife on Diwali, I m going empty hand, my state is bad, I will tell everything true to Imli. He goes to Imli. She smiles and tells Vivaan that she can’t believe he got a beautiful saree for me. He asks me? She says this is beautiful, my face will glow when I wear this. He says I did not get this saree. She says you joke well, who else will get this. She shows the card. He reads the romantic message from his side. She says when you called me Meri jaan, I got very glad, I knew you love me a lot, you did not forget to get gift for me, why did you not write this message. He thinks how to say I did not do this. She says I m very happy today, you made this Diwali very beautiful for me, I will wear this saree and show, don’t go anywhere. She goes. He says who can get this saree. Ragini comes and says I got this.

She says you don’t have money, so I got this gift for Imli. He says I don’t want any gift, I don’t want to work with you, I will tell truth to Imli, she will throw the saree. She asks will you break Imli’s heart, did you not hear what she said, as you wish, go and tell her. She goes. Imli comes wearing the saree.

She asks how do I look. He says beautiful…… She smiles. He says but this saree…. She says you made me very happy by giving this saree to me, I will love this saree more than my life, its first gift after marriage which you gave me, you bought me by giving me this saree, thanks a lot. He says I m glad you liked this saree. They hug.

He thinks how can I snatch this happiness from you. He asks shall we go away from haveli today, we will leave before party starts. She says how can we leave, Bhaiya ji will doubt I m not with him, you know why Suraj and I are with him, I have to stay in party. He nods.

Its night, Imli does the puja and aarti. Bhaiya ji, Vivaan, Tejaswini, Ranjana attend it. The party starts. Tejaswini welcomes the guests. Ranjana asks her to be happy that she is allowed to attend party, welcome the guests, no need to smile and talk, be in your limits. Tejaswini thinks Ragini would have not dared to insult me if Suraj was here.

Bhaiya ji asks where is Suraj. Ragini says I told you not to let him go. He says I arranged wine and girls, Suraj has to come, its his last night today. She says your plan is good, it should be done, we have to make Vivaan and Imli leave from the haveli. He says don’t worry, find out Suraj. Suraj is with his friends, on the way. Ragini says Suraj did not come till now. Bhaiya ji says my heart is saying he will come. He signs Ranjana. Ranjana goes to Vivaan and says I m glad seeing you in haveli, it means you are with us, like Suraj and Imli. Vivaan saks her not to be mistaken that he will become Bhaiya ji’s servant, I m here to support Imli as its her first Diwali, its enough now, Imli will you come with me, I m going. Imli goes after him.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini smile. Suraj comes with his friends. He says happy Diwali everyone. He wishes Bhaiya ji and hugs him. Ragini asks where were you, we were waiting for you. Suraj says I was not going to come, we got to know about the party going on at home, so I took u-turn and came home. Bhaiya ji says I know your every need, I told you, you will remember this Diwali. Suraj says I have come, when will Jashan start. Bhaiya ji says it will start, girls come out of the curtains.

Bhaiya ji makes Suraj sit at the bar counter and winks bartender to serve Suraj and his friends well. He asks Ragini to start other preparations. Ragini call someone and asks about the work. The man says it started. Other man digs the grave. Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that work started Papa. Suraj drinks with this friends. Ragini says Vivaan is also gone, there is no one in haveli to save Suraj. Bhaiya ji gets glad. The man informs Ragini that grave is dug. Ragini tells this to Bhaiya ji. They smile.

Imli and Vivaan come and meet Chakor. Imli says I got your gift, thanks. Chakor likes the saree. Imli says Vivaan gifted it, his choice is good. Chakor says yes indeed. Vivaan asks why are just kids here, where are elders. Chakor says they are working till now. Vivaan says my problem is bigger. Imli goes. Vivaan tells about Ragini gifting saree to Imli. Chakor asks her to tell Imli the truth, else she will feel bad, I will go and see Kasturi and Bhuvan. She goes. He turns and sees Imli. He asks her to listen.

Suraj says wine is not ending, its fine, I will end this one also. Ragini says drink more, you will die well, and jokes. Bhaiya ji asks did you think what to tell them. Ragini says yes, Suraj was in guilt and drinking wine, don’t know where did he go. Bhaiya ji prays. Suraj comes and asks where will I go. They get shocked.

Chagan is upset and makes everyone work. Chakor comes and asks him till when will he make them work, its past 8. He says oh, I have no watch and did not know time. He asks everyone to go home and celebrate Diwali. Chakor asks her parents to come. Chagan says they can’t go, Ragini called and asked me to make them work after everyone leaves, she is doing this as media reporters gave attention to Chakor more. Chakor says Ragini is taking revenge, I will take my mum and dad. Chagan says no, Ragini’s men will not leave you.

Kasturi says Chagan is right, you are fighting against Bhaiya ji, don’t worry, go and do puja. Bhuvan says yes, you celebrate Diwali else we will feel bad, we will manage here. Chakor gets sad and goes. Chakor says I will not leave Bhaiya ji. She falls inside the grave and gets up. She says why is this big pit dug, why, this looks like a grave, but for whom……. She sees some seeds there. She checks and says why are the sunflower seeds here, are they planting the seeds so that no one doubts someone is buried here…..

Chakor dances in the party on Aaj ki raat. Bhaiya ji and Ragini aim gun at Suraj. Suraj and Chakor get shocked.

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