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Udaan 27th October 2015 Written Update

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Bhaiya ji accepting all his crimes. Amma/Nayantara is shocked. Kasturi shouts Kamal Narayan…. I knew you killed Chakor, I will not leave you alone. The villagers stop her. The inspector says whatever you accepted now, the crimes, If this is true, we have to arrest you. He asks Bhaiya ji to come with him. Bhaiya ji starts laughing, and says I killed hitler, Gandhi ji, Chandra shekhar Azaad, Bhagat Singh, and names all big personalities. He laughs and says he has killed everyone. The inspector asks what nonsense. Bhaiya ji laughs and says he has killed all enemies in army war. Tejaswini tries to stop him.

Bhaiya ji starts acting as Big B, and says filmi lines. He takes inspector’s revolver and they all hold him. Manohar asks him what happened to him, and takes him home. The inspector says I think he has gone mad. Amma asks what will he do now, will he arrest Bhaiya ji. The inspector says I will find out few things and then decide. Chakor says don’t know what to do. Aditya says I trust Tiwari, I will ask Abha to talk to him, our plan succeeded. Dadi asks Kasturi to calm down. Vivaan asks Chakor to show her face to her mum. Chakor says yes, right, Chakor to to become alive for Kasturi. Amma stops her. Chakor says I m going to say truth. Amma says no, Bhaiya ji accepted everything, but he will be taken to doctor, he will get angry knowing Chakor is alive. She says first let Bhaiya ji go jail, then tell your mum. Tejaswini asks them to take away Kasturi, else she will send her to mental hospital. Chakor asks Tejaswini to think, her husband can also go to mental hospital. Amma says he is saying right, manage your husband first. Chakor blesses Kasturi and calms her. Chakor asks Imli to take Kasturi home. Kasturi turns and says Chakor.

Manohar brings Bhaiya ji house. Bhaiya ji gets worried and sits in the car. Manohar asks him to include him. Girja serves foods. Bhaiya ji apologizes to her and asks her to sit down to the chair. He suggests He’ll serve her meals. Girja states no. Manohar asks her to eat. He asks Bhaiya ji to have him. Tejaswini will come and scolds Girja for getting foods sitting on their table. Manohar suggests Bhaiya ji is executing this. Bhaiya ji phone calls mummy to Tejaswini. Everybody chortle.

Kasturi asks for Chakor. Dadi asks Imli to call Choka. Imli can make Kasturi consume h2o. Imli asks Kasturi to acquire meals. Bhuvan wakes up and asks them to totally free him, he should go haveli. Dadi says no will need, Bhaiya ji has got mad, he received punishment. Ranjana taunts Bhaiya ji. Manohar argues together with her. Manohar cries looking at Bhaiya ji’s mad point out and goes to him. He stops him from eating dog’s foodstuff. Chakor looks on shocked and thinks whats the matter. Manohar asks Bhaiya ji to have him.

Chakor asks the persons to tie Bhaiya ji. Ranjana asks servant to tie chains to Bhaiya ji’s leg. Chakor recalls she was tied similar chains before.

Written Update By Yasir


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