Udaan 27th July 2016 Written Update

Udaan 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 27th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor refusing to have food. Suraj says I know you are not worried for your life, but you care for others. He gets maid Bilji there and aims gun at her. Bijli asks why do you want to kill me, I have weak heart. He asks her to shut up. Chakor asks Suraj did he go mad, if you shoot Bijli, I will send you to jail. Suraj asks can’t I kill Bijli, fine I will shoot at her leg, tell me Chakor, will you have food or not. Bijli cries and asks Chakor to have food. Chakor agrees to have food. He asks Bijli to go and get more food for Chakor. Bijli runs. Chakor calls Suraj mad and drinks juice.

He says I m doing this as you and Vivaan looted me, have food. She eats food angrily. He says good, this food should finish, then get ready like a good kid, we have to go. He goes. Tejaswini asks Suraj to go Lucknow with Chakor, and earn money, we don’t have money. Suraj says don’t worry, I will get money, I want Chakor go get fine before we leave.

Tejaswini calls Bijli. Bijli gets scared seeing Suraj. Tejaswini asks her to give halwa to Chakor. Bijli says no one talks well here, I have to tell Girja and get shanty paath. Tejaswini says I think this girl is saying right, why don’t we keep havan and puja. Suraj says fine, I want to do Laxmi puja. He smiles.

Chakor gets ready and goes out. Suraj asks her to sit in car fast, so that they leave soon and get money. They see Imli coming. He asks her not to tell Imli, she will tell Vivaan and he will come in middle of her plan. Chakor stops and asks Imli are you fine. Imli says yes. Suraj says we are going Lucknow to watch movie. Imli asks them to have fun. Chakor says call me if there is any problem. Imli asks why, Vivaan is with me. They leave. Tejaswini tells Ranjana that Chakor and Suraj left, now we should send Imli. Ranjana says but Vivaan is in haveli. Tejaswini says he should be in haveli as per my plan.

Vivaan says you maybe mistaken, they won’t go for movie. Imli says no, Suraj told me. He says fine, maybe they really went. Ranjana comes and acts. She apologizes to Imli. Imli forgives her. Ranjana says my Tau ji is coming today, he was passing by Aazaadgunj and wanted to meet. Vivaan says you want Imli not to meet him. Ranjana says no, he wants to meet Imli, she has to cook for him, but he is coming with some more people, can you cook, I will ask Girja and Bijli, and they will say you cooked. Imli says no, I will make food. Vivaan says Imli’s state is not good, she can’t cook. Imli says I can manage, you did favor on me by accepting me as bahu. Ranjana goes. Vivaan asks Imli to take care. Imli goes to cook.

Chakor and Suraj reach Lucknow’s event place. Chakor is VIP there and media comes to welcome her. The organizers thank Chakor for coming. She says its my duty to come being a sportsman, fitness is necessary. The man says right, that’s why we decided to open the gym so that everyone stay fit like you. Chakor wishes Imli stays fine. Suraj says I did not know Chakor got so famous. He asks Chakor to smile. The men gossip about Suraj, he was in jail, how did he come, he is Chakor’s husband. Suraj and Chakor hear them.

Imli says I have to cook before everyone comes. Ranjana smiles and says I will help you. Vivaan looks on. Imli says I will manage. Ranjana goes. Vivaan says Imli, I also know to cook, shall I make some dishes. Imli says no, I will make everything without your help. He says fine, I m eager to have your handmade food, I don’t eat spicy food, so put less chilli. She says fine.

The men ask organizer about calling criminal in function. The men tell about Suraj, and asks him to send Suraj, else they will leave. Organizer stops them and says I did not know this. He asks Chakor to ask her husband to leave, else he won’t pay her money. Suraj argues. Chakor asks Suraj to go, else I will come along without money, decision is in your hands now.

Suraj says I should have got my pistol with me, and leaves angrily. Chakor does inauguration. Vivaan talks to Tau ji. Tau ji likes Imli. Ranjana says she makes good food, have it and see. Everyone start eating. They all find the food very spicy and cough. Ranjana recalls how she added chillis in the dish. Tejaswini and Ranjana scold Imli. Ranjana cares for her Tau ji.

Imli cries and says I checked all food, there was no chilli. Tejaswini says you made food. Ranjana says you wanted to kill us. Imli says no.

Suraj calls Tejaswini to call Brahman and do havan, call many guests, I m going to do something. She agrees.

Imli confronts Ranjana and Tejaswini and challenges them to make her leave the house. Suraj tells Chakor to declare his innocence in Havan function.

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