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Udaan 26th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor getting ready to meet Vivaan. Triptu helps her and gives her cosmetics. Suraj goes to Bhaiya ji and finds him happy. He asks did coach give you good news. Bhaiya ji says you know me well, everything is going on fine, Vivaan is getting away from Chakor. Suraj says yes, its good, you said right, Vivaan is really a diamond. Bhaiya ji says I m glad hearing this from you, I thought you are jealous of Vivaan, tell me the reason of your fight, that Tina Raichand. Suraj says you always say I m Rajvanshi, many Tina came and went, I forgot her.

Chakor meets Vivaan. He tells her that lab tests report is positive, coach is really giving you steroids, you would have got disqualified from the race. She checks the reports and gets shocked. She says it means Imli said true, I scolded her and called her liar, I know you want to talk to me, but…. He says but its imp to apologize to Imli. She says I like you as you know whats in my heart. He says you also know whats in my heart. She says I know. He says then say it. She says later. He asks how long will you make me wait. She runs away. He smiles.

Imli recalls Suraj’s words and says I did big mistake, I cheated Suraj to help Chakor. Chakor comes and helps her. She asks Imli not to be angry. Imli says you are not my sister, go and do your work. Chakor says I know I did not believe you, I got cheated many times, but you said right, coach is Bhaiya ji’s man, forgive me. Imli says fine, I will forgive you but on one condition. Chakor asks what. Imli says you promise me you will make Tina lose. Chakor asks why do you dislike her. Imli says I hate her.

Chakor and all the girls run in practice. Tripti asks where is the coach. Chakor thinks coach went to mix steroids in my drink. She asks her to call girls except Tina. Tripti asks are you fine, what is the problem. Chakor says nothing, call everyone. Chakor tells this to everyone. Kusum asks Chakor not to lie, coach can’t do this, he can’t mix steroids in your drink. Tina comes and says Chakor is saying right, Rathod is really mixing steroids in Chakor’s drink, I have seen him doing this. FB shows Tina seeing Kabit mixing steroids in Chakor’s drink. Tina tells everyone that I want Chakor to lose by competing, not by disqualifying. Chakor thanks her and says Rathod has made coach post fall, I can’t regard him our Guru. Tina says we have to expose him, does Chakor has any plan. Chakor says yes.

They all go out. Rathod gives marked drink bottle to Chakor, and thinks this is last one, now you will go your home and your career will end, I will take money from Bhaiya ji and go Switzerland. Chakor signs Tina. Tina stops Chakor and snatches her bottle. Rathod asks whats this, Tina stop joking, give Chakor’s bottle back to her. Tikna says sorry, she troubled me, I will trouble her. Rathod says I will complain about you. Tina and her friends act to trouble Chakor. Tina says I will drink Chakor’s energy drink. Rathod says don’t drink that. Tina asks why, all drinks are same, I will drink this. Rathod says stop, that drink has steroids, if you drink that, my efforts to disqualify Chakor in race will go waste. Everyone look at him. He gets tensed.

Tina asks what, you mixed steroids in Chakor’s drink to disqualify her, you are a Guru, how can you give her poison. Rathod says I did this to make you win. Tina says I don’t need your tricks to win, Chakor is my competitor, not enemy, this is wrong. Rathod says leave this, you all focus on your training, I will train you, trust me. Kusum says we don’t trust you. He says I had pressure on me, Chakor trust me. Chakor says I have dealt with this pressure since childhood, I did not bend like you, you made teacher’s post down, you did not think its big sin to end an athlete’s life. Tina says you will be punished. Chakor says yes, Kusum call police. He runs away. Chakor, Tina and everyone run after him to catch him.

They all surround him. Tina says you gave us good training, its difficult to win over us. Police comes there. Chakor says police has come, your game is over. Rathod gets arrested. Udaan hai……plays……………. Chakor smiles.

Bhaiya ji meets Rathod in jail and tries to kill him. Chakor says i have to win marathon and you have to open that locker Vivaan, else nothing can happen.

Written Update by Amena

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