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Udaan 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Kasturi that she did all the work. She makes Kasturi rest. Imli talks to some kids. Chakor lies in Kasturi’s lap. Chale Chakori…. Plays…….. Chakor makes Kasturi sleep and thinks why am I not getting sleep. Imli asks all the man to wake up. The man says we did all the work. The boy says we did not do mistake. Imli asks them to go to their homes now. The man asks what, our home? Suraj comes and says yes, Imli is saying right. The man says how can we go, we don’t have anything there. Imli says that’s why Suraj kept you here, you have roof, food and water here. The man says yes, its favor on us. Suraj saks them to go to their homes.

Imli stops Suraj and says it will happen as you thought right. He asks do you doubt on my plan. She says never. He says then obey my command. She says I will manage everything here, you take rest. He says I have some imp work.

Chakor looks at the sky and smiles. She practices her running and runs towards the jungle. She recalls Imli. She sees a truck and hides. The goons get down the truck. Chakor wonders what are Bhaiya ji’s men doing here. Suraj aims gun at her. Chakor turns and sees him. He smiles. He says bandhua cat is roaming in village to know whats happening, right? What shall I do with you, shall I kill and bury you here like your Dadi, your media can’t do anything, I will say I shot bullet in defense when someone attacked me, no law will believe its murder, tell me shall I kill you, are you trying to meet me, just come to me, meet my eyes and see, fire will lit in my heart. She kicks him and he falls down.

He says great, your legs have good power. She kicks the gun and does not let him take gun. She says I can run and fire gun too, I won’t do this, as there is difference between us, I don’t need to kill you in defense, as media will do that. He says I m really scared, but not by you, from one who is behind you. Imli aims gun at Chakor. Chakor sees her. Suraj laughs. Chakor asks whats happening here Imli, tell me. Suraj asks Imli to take Chakor home and explain her its not good for a girl to roam alone at night. Imli asks Chakor to come. Chakor says I know the way to home, you forgot. She leaves. Suraj praises Imli. She also leaves. Suraj asks the goon to get everyone, they should know what to do.

Chakor asks Imli to tell her what is Suraj doing there. Imli aims gun at her and asks her not to question her, talk in low tone. Kasturi sees this and shouts Imli… she asks what are you doing Imli, leave this, are you not ashamed, Chakor is your sister. Imli says I can even shoot her. Kasturi and Chakor get shocked. Imli says but I can’t kill her, as Bhaiya ji and Suraj have this right. Kasturi asks what did you say, and gets stick to beat Imli. Chakor stops Kasturi. Imli says if you have to save Chakor, tell her not to roam in village at night, this is not old village, its dangerous now, keep yourself safe.

Kasturi cries and asks Chakor to see Imli. Chakor says Imli is angry that I left from here. Kasturi says you went to free all of us, Imli took wrong way intentionally. She says right way is tough and wrong way is always easy, you took right way and Imli took the wrong way, what shall I do. Chakor says officials will come to find everything, I wish they get proof, and our villagers say the truth. Kasturi says they won’t say, they are scared of Bhaiya ji, I will say against Bhaiya ji, I m with you. Chakor hugs her.

Its morning, Suraj works out. The man greets him and asks did you not sleep all night. Suraj gets a call and fine, thanks. He asks the man to tell everyone to be ready. He drinks wine.

Suraj gets ready and goes out. Bhaiya ji crushes orange angrily saying I helped everyone and when I need help, no one is ready to help me, I don’t know who is coming as enquiry officer, this is world. Suraj looks on. Bhaiya ji says I will not leave anyone. The enquiry officers and police come there. Bhaiya ji says they have come. Suraj welcomes them. He hugs his friend Rakesh and says do you ride bike that way too. Rakesh says no, I ride a car now. Suraj says come inside. The senior says we have come to do out duty. Bhaiya ji introduces himself and asks him to come. Suraj asks them do they want to check haveli or village. Bhaiya ji says we will sit here and talk, why to send them to village Suraj. The officer says we will check village and know everything. Suraj says sure, come. Bhaiya ji stops Suraj. Suraj sends them with his men. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj where is he sending them, did he see village state, I will be arrested. Suraj asks him not to take tension. Bhaiya ji says if they give wrong report, my political career will end. Suraj smiles and says no one will make wrong report.

Chakor says one villager will say truth and calls Kasturi. Imli threatens Kasturi that Chakor will be killed if you say anything against Suraj and Bhaiya ji. Kasturi gets tensed.

Written Update By Amena


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