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Udaan 25th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor getting sad by her failure in the race. Rathod comes there and sees the girls. He asks what is happening here. The girl says we were practicing. He asks them to go and rest. He stops Chakor and asks her to take rest, practice and rest are imp for body. She goes. Suraj sees the race video and likes Tina Raichand. Bhaiya ji hears him and says Tina Raichand, I heard this name, is she from that rich Raichand family. Suraj says yes, Tina made Chakor lose in race. Bhaiya ji says fine, but its strange, why does rich girl need to run in this race, we should take benefit from this. Suraj says yes, even I was thinking this. Bhaiya ji says don’t think, go and get friendly with Tina, we should keep relation with rich people, show her Aazaadgunj. They laugh and hug. Imli hears them and gets sad seeing Suraj.

Chakor practices hard. She falls down and Tina laughs. Rathod asks are you fine, I have seen the race video, I know you are upset, you take rest today, we will start tomorrow. She nods and cries.

Vivaan comes to meet Chakor and gets flowers for her. She asks how did you come here. He says if you come by window, can’t I come. She asks did you come by that window. She sees the scratch on his hands. He gives her flowers and asks her to come. She asks what shall I do by coming there, shall I take drugs with you, you don’t know your life meaning, you go from here, have drugs and be happy, keep this flowers in temple for some Devi. He says you are Devi for me. She says no, you are lying, you don’t love anything except your drugs. She leaves. Vivaan gets sad. Tina heard them and calls her driver to come fast.

Tina goes to Vivaan and tries to get friendly with him. She asks him to share things and not be sad. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone. She says you did big help that day, think this is my return favor. He says you want to play game with my Chakor, I will not come in your words. She gets shocked. She stops him and says you are so rich, and you are from big family, why does that poor girl refuse to you. He gets angry and scolds her, asking her to leave. She says fine, you are so alone, call me if you want to talk to me. She gives her card and leaves.

Suraj sees Tina and smiles. Imli sees her too. Servant says I told you Suraj Babu, she is hot chilli. Suraj says I have to taste her and check how hot is she. He says I feel you are lost. Tina says yes, is this village or what, I forgot where I parked my car. He offers her lift. She asks are you not ashamed to call this old jeep your car. Imli gets angry on her. Tina says I m not talking to you, are you his bodyguard. Imli takes out gun. Suraj asks her to keep gun, Tina is our guest, she does not know me. Tina asks do you know who I m, I can buy this entire village, including you. Imli asks her to mind her tongue. Tina says bodyguard, shut up. Suraj says she is not my bodyguard, do you know I need a guard. Tina says you need a soap, you stink. Suraj gets angry. Tina sees her car and says I found my car, thanks. She goes. Suraj says Tina made fun of me and is angry on servants. He says she is really very Tikhi/hot chilli.

Chakor is unable to sleep and recalls Vivaan. Vivaan also thinks of her. Chakor says I lost, and was angry, I scolded Vivaan, he would be sad and not forgive me. Vivaan gets up and looks for drugs. He sees the bottle empty and recalls Tejaswini. He says when Tejaswini opens her locker, I will get money and buy drugs, its matter of one night. Its morning, Chakor recalls Vivaan and how she lost in the race. She thinks how could I win, I knew this just bitterness, bandhuagiri stamp, I have to end this bitterness, I have to free village from this stamp, if I lose then…. No….. I can’t lose, I have to win.

Vivaan meets Chakor. She asks why did he come. She slips and he holds her hand. They stand under the shower. Bolna mahi bolna……plays…………….

Written Update by Amena

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