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Udaan 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Girdharilal talking to Ranjana. He says my age got spent in politics, but I did not play such game, are you sure your step is good for your future. She smiles and says yes, I will use Manohar’s death, and about my future, just see I m filling colors now. He says fine, if you think so, I will do other preparations. They laugh. He goes.

Bhaiya ji comes in Ranjana’s room. She smiles seeing him and shuts the door. She acts as if she did not see him. She says sorry, I did not see you. He says I should be apologize, I did not knock. She says whats need to knock door, everything is this haveli is yours, you are no stranger. He says I came to ask why did you not come for dinner, everyone was asking about you. She acts sad and says what shall I say. He falls in her words and asks what is the matter. She smiles turning away and then hugs him.

She cries and asks how shall I come, everyone is saying I became widow in young age, where will I go, I don’t want to answer them. He says no need to answer anyone, no one will ask, for me, you and Vivaan are….. He looks at her.

Ranjana says I will spend my life alone in these walls. He holds her and says don’t say this. She holds his hand and asks what shall I do, do you have any suggestion, how will any widow live her life. He hugs her. Ranjana smiles.

Vivaan wakes up and runs to Ranjana. He asks where is mummy. Girdhari lal stops him and says Ranjana is busy with guests. He takes Vivaan with him.

Its morning, Om runs to Chakor. He shows the newspaper of her news of bullet raja act. Chakor says I have already read it, I wait that someone reads this news and calls us. She asks Khanna did they get any invitation. Khanna says I know you want to see this circus become wait, but have patience, I m sure we will get many phones. Chakor asks for a phone too, and they laugh.

Tejaswini wakes up and does not see Bhaiya ji by her side. She asks everyone did they see Bhaiya ji. They say they did not see him. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana are sleeping together. Ranjana smiles and acts what did this happen, this should have not happened, if anyone knows. Bhaiya ji says calm down, no one will know. She says this is wrong and starts crying. He hugs her and says I don’t think this is any mistake. Bhaiya ji opens the door and comes out. Tejaswini sees him and he gets shocked. Tejaswini gets shocked seeing him and Ranjana. She asks you were in Ranjana’s room.

Girdhari lal shouts Kamal Narayan, you showed your true color, I did not see such cheap man, you used your brother’s widow’s helplessness. Bhaiya ji asks what are you saying, I did not use anyone’s helplessness. Girdhari lal says I m not kid like Vivaan, what is there to tell now, Ranjana’s tears is showing the truth. Tejaswini says its all drama. Girdhari lal says you all are bad to ruin a helpless woman’s respect. The people ask Bhaiya ji why did he do this. Girdhari lal asks Ranjana to come with him, I can’t you in this hell. Ranjana says this is my family, I can’t leave them. Girdhari lal says this is not your family, they won’t give you any respect. She says no, and asks Bhaiya ji why is he silent, he said we did not do any mistake. She addresses him as Kamal ji.

Tejaswini says let them go, this woman is curse, she is witch and blaming you. Bhaiya ji asks her to shut up. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji to stop her, she does not want to go. Bhaiya ji stops Girdhari lal and says listen to me first. He says I promise Ranjana will get respect in this haveli. Tejaswani looks on. Bhaiya ji keeps his hand on Ranjana’s head and says I will marry Ranjana and make her my wife. Tejaswini and everyone get shocked. Ranjana smiles seeing Tejaswini. Tejaswini leaves from there.

Vishaka says I don’t think this is right to perform in marriage. Khanna says why not, we will get famous by performing circus in marriage. Ronnie says I don’t think this is possible. Chakor says we started this circus and things are getting better, we will take this circus to another city. Megha says whenever Chakor talks, it looks an experienced person is talking. Chakor says thanks. Om says we can try. Khanna says we will get advance. Vishaka says fine, if you all feel this is possible, lets do it.

Bhaiya ji says I did not go against my words ever, I promised Girdhari lal that I will marry Ranjana, I will marry her infront of the world, not by hiding. I will fill sindoor in Ranjana’s maang. Girdhari lal asks what about Tejaswini, till she agrees, you can’t marry Ranjana. Bhaiya ji says she knows Rajput’s traditions, she will understand or I will explain her, Kamal Narayan and Ranjana’s marriage will be grand and memorable. Chakor tells Sultan that circus will get famous by getting marriage invitations.

Vishaka tells Khanna that they are invited for bullet raja act in Aazaadgunj’s MP’s marriage function. Chakor hears this.

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